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Hey all, Do you carry roadside assistance? If you do, what do you carry and why do you carry that company over another?
I think I have towing covered on my policy. I mostly rely on my many years as an auto and equipment mechanic to keep my van rolling. 
Wish I had the extensive knowledge. With these newer vehicles getting more gizmos and gadgets in them, hard for a person to fix stuff when everything is run through the computer. I'm personally trying to figure out between AAA and Good Sam as of right now, any other suggestions would be much obliged.


We have had AAA Plus family plan for years and am quite happy with it. I also liberally use the maps and camping guides they provide .


Hey Mouldy,
I have AAA plus or silver or something like that . My wife signed us up and pays that bill, so I usually don't see the paperwork. Some things I CAN tell you.. The free towing for 100 miles has more than paid for itself. ( please underline more than) when the fuel pump went on my bus ( picture on the left upper corner) it was towed 46 miles home for nothing out of pocket. It is a 3500 series and weighs 6500# empty and has commercial plates. Last year when the waterpump went on the dumptruck I used to own , a f450 duallie, it was NOT covered, I had to pay a heavy duty tow rig out of pocket. Yikes! $$$$$! make sure they will cover whatever you drive, as they can be very specific. As to the folks who do their own repairs, great! So do I , when I can or know how. Sometimes you CAN'T work on it, have access to tools or parts, or are in a dicey spot. I broke down once on the NYS thruway, a major toll road. I could SEE my exit.. But the trooper that pulled over to check to see if I was ok told me that if I was still there on his next pass, he would have to have me towed and impounded. He was a real decent guy, and he felt bad for me , but he was doing his job. The 50 someodd dollars a year is more than worth it, and they will help you out with maps, travel plans and even discounts at certain hotels and resturaunts.
I've had AAA for many years, but when I was reasearching for getting my RV, their RV policy was though poorly of.  It's only offered in some areas, and their phone people don't know much about tow trucks and so forth for RVs.  In many areas, they don't have a contract with a truck towing company so you need to find and order one yourself then get reimbersed.  Good Sam and Coachnet are the two big RV roadside assistance companies, and Coachnet had the better reviews so I went with them.
Yeah, i'm thinking since i will have an RV, that I will go with Good Sam or coachnet. Gotta look in this coachnet thing first though.
I have USAA insurance on my F150, and roadside from them also. Only used them a couple of times and they are great. USAA is a superior outfit, but you or someone in the family has to be a vet. Bob
 If you're fulltiming you can get RV insurance from Foremost. Roadside service is an inexpensive add-on. We've had Foremost as our insurance provider for 17 years and are very happy with them - towed twice , one new battery delivered to our campsite , one minor accident and one major one where we were re-ended by a loaded dump truck and our RV roof was buckled. Our RV was totaled by the insurance company and they got a check to us pretty fast. They were very good in the other situations too.
Has anyone ever used roadside service in a National Forest? I am a campground host and we had someone break down in my NF campground so they called their provider (AAA I think) and their provider said they wouldn't come out and tow from a National Forest. Anyone have any experience like that? Bob
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