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Full Version: Roadside Service
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AAA won't tow from a dirt road, and they do have distance limitations (depends on what level you have).  Perhaps it was just the distance from the nearest repair place.  Fewer restrictions is another reason I chose coachnet.
All good things to know. Especially since i'm getting something next week. I'll have to look into that Foremost deal, but I don't think I can afford to insure my trailer until I lock down a job...
I switched to progressive's roadside assistance last month after years of AAA plus and premium. I switched because of some difficulties with AAA refusing to tow me with a kayak and to jump start me off a dirt road. I paid 120 a year for AAA, only $14 a year for progressive. Was wondering how the new service would be, and found out today when I lost my brakes on the Rondyvan. Excellent fast service, and the tow truck driver towed me for free way outside the limit to get me to a service station near the farm, and cheerfully removed and reinstalled my hitch-haul in order to get it on the tow truck. I don't have the long distance towing anymore that I had with AAA, but the one time I needed it they refused to tow me unless I left the kayak behind, so alot of good it did paying all that extra money, ya know?
Good to know, thanks for the info!
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