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Full Version: BLM maps
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At the RTR, when we were discussing maps to find BLM land, I mentioned that I had seen some for sale at the Chiriaco Summit information office.  On my way back through, I bought a couple.  They are "BLM Special Edition Surface Management Status Desert Access Guide" dated 1998 and 1999 for the two I bought.  Each map covers about 30x45 miles, and is quite detailed.  At $5+tax per map, it would cost a lot for the full set.  The two I got are Blyte (includes Quartzsite) and Eagle Mountains (most of Joshiwa Tree NP and the area south).
The whole set of California BLM "surface management" maps is avilable from for $4 each.  I don't know if the full set of 104 would qualify for the quantity discount.

Thabks for finding that Blars. If you are going to be spending time in ne area it would be well worth getting one of those maps. Very helpful, thanks! Bob

I'd love to find BLM maps, like the Delorme state-based books, that would reside on my laptop.  Given that space is at a premium in my Prius, an electronic version would be great.  I've done a bit of looking, but so far I haven't found anything.  I suppose I could scan the pages of the books, but I'm looking for a easier alternative.  Suanne

This website may not be detailed enough, but may help somebody.
Searching around some more, I found
Turn off download availablility and turn on surface management agency.  There are lots of options, figuring out this site will take some time.

I should have been clearer.  I'm looking for maps that show BLM land that would reside fully on my laptop.  I could use Google Earth, and probably other online mapping tools as well, to find local BLM land.  But, I'm not counting on always being connected.  I'll check out that website Blars.  Thanks, Suanne