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Full Version: Cargo van mat good insulation?
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This probably has been answered before but let me ask it anyway. My new chevy cargo van has a rubber cargo mat with some type of sponge underneath.
Does anyone have experience with this in cold weather, and if so, does the floor stay warm?
I'll keep it if I don't have to get rid of it, but if it doesn't work then my plan is to put down thermo-tec (very faint smell initially, then gone after a few days), 1/2 aluminum backed foam board, 1/2 plywood, and vinyl floor. Or skip the plywood/vinyl and instal wood flooring.
Thanks everyone!
I would think anything between the steel floor and your feet will help I avoid cold weather.
I've never been able to keep the floor warm on any of my live-in vehicles. I gave up on even trying.

The problem is warm air rises so no matter how well insulated your floor is the warm up is going up and cool air is being pushed down. The only solution to basic physics is a fan system to bring the warm air back down.

If you do that then insulating the floor will help, until then it does no good at all.
Thanks wagoneer, Bob. I guess I'll just have to see how things work out.