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Full Version: Adult RUNAWAYS?
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So are we all just fantasizing about running away from the rat race, when we think of changing lifestyle from 8 to 5 job, to a car-van-RV existence ? Some can just convert to simple living in a tiny house. Is this a long term sustainable lifestyle?
For me I feel that the rat race will always be there, and it cannot get any worse than it was so might as well roll the dice and give this a shot. Either get lucky or at the least it was fun while it lasted and just return to the shit storm no worse off than I was.
I ran away from home, in 2007, at age 49. Gave away everything I owned and split; left the stress and all the baloney in the dust. Best thing in the world for my health; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
Sometimes you just have to Live , Breathe & Relax without someone telling you " This is how it's done!! "
My whole life someone always pointed in the direction on how to succeed & live the quest of a profitable life.........its now time to live my end years (I Hope) ....take the things I have learned, and answer the questions and follow the treks my mind has asked, and my life has really looked for!!
(06-12-2014, 06:13 AM)offroad Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a long term sustainable lifestyle?

Do you or have you ever lived on the road, or in a mobile lifestyle?? (I ask as I'm not sure of your specific living situation)

It sounds to me like you're feeing the tug back into the rat-race...or maybe being pressured??

Most all of us get to pick where and how we live. A good majority succumb to the pressures of what society dictates as how to live a 'proper' lifestyle; working a 9 to 5, owning a 1800 square foot house, paying property taxes, having a dog and 2.3 kids, and driving a late model sedan. You hair must be cut like this, you need to watch these TV shows, your lawn must be mowed and your hedge trimmed as such..............REALLY??????

You think there's not much future living in a van??
I know guys who live FULL TIME on MOTORCYCLES!!! YES...year-round. The only things they own they carry in their saddlebags. (I'm sure a few may have a box or 2 of stuff in their sister's basements or something like that,) but other than that, that's all they've got.
And as for long-term sustainability in that fellow I know in particular has been at it for OVER 35 years now....FULL TIME!!

So, you're thinking that maybe living in a van, with all the conviences you can set-up in it, with 6 insulated walls and a roof over your head, is an unsustainable lifestyle?? I highly beg to differ.

Alot of people have done it (and are still doing it).....with alot less!
I have been living in a 240 sq ft travel trailer for the last three years.

So the answer is yes a tiny house is a long term sustainable lifestyle.
Of course it's sustainable. Smile
We told our kids for YEARS, that we were going to run away from home when they turned 18 yo (it all started when, as a toddler, one said they were going to run away from home and live with her over-indulgent grandmother). So we were nice about it, we waited a couple of years bought a class C, dumped the 1150SF house on 2 acres. Put the excess stuff in storage, Bought a 22 ft vintage Class C, remodeled it for living in fulltime and left. A few days later the oldest twin left home for TX. The one left behind complained about it. She has never really forgiven us but she deeply appreciates the fact that we instilled in her a love for wanderlust and the strength to live her dreams. She is the one who currently lives in the old Class C, saving her money to buy a bus and convert it. We raised our kids to know that when they graduated from high school, they would be adults and out in the world supporting themselves, living their own lives as they saw fit.

We live full time in a 40 ft residential vehicle (BlueBird All American schoolbus), in an RV park. I work full time at Home Depot until Sept 2015 when we hit the road to go east (FL?). The 40 hour weeks are hard work but I do like the fat paycheck and the stock is growing! That's my "homebase" money. We have both always worked. We will always work. We will never "retire", just change what type of work we do. We are working on putting together an etsy store. By the end of the month, I should have the "store" fully stocked with more than one necklace/earring set (my "holding" listing... I gotta get decent pics uploaded of all the jewelry we've got made).
Yes! It can be done. One year and five months, three van remodels, three purges of 'what is not necessary' and I have found ultimate peace and happiness for me and my dog. A big difference between a traveler and a tourist. I have become a traveler. Today a beautiful city park in Cortez, CO and tomorrow? I cannot see anything calling me back to what I have left behind. Not for everyone, but everyone should try it. I think being a Nomad is a more natural lifestyle. I think it is in my DNA. My Ancient memories. When it is time for transition all the material gains, property, money and everything we have attained will have no value and mean nothing. "Who will read your old love letters when you are gone?" Everything is from this moment forward.
(06-12-2014, 07:31 AM)cyndi Wrote: [ -> ]I ran away from home, in 2007, at age 49. Gave away everything I owned and split; left the stress and all the baloney in the dust. Best thing in the world for my health; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
Good for you cyndi! I haven't actually done it yet but it's looming on my horizon...
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