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Tips, Tricks and Rules - VanDwellerMod - 07-13-2014

Welcome to the Cheap RV Living Forums for the VanDweller Community.  Below are some of our forums' highlights, features and functions.  These tips and tricks provide enough introductory information so you can learn even more on your own.

Get Started

- First, Register so that you can post and gain full access to the forums.

- If you have a technical problem registering or posting, Reply to the Forum Issues thread titled Unable to Register OR Can't Post, or email [email protected].

- Check out our Rules: Vision, Spirit and Letter of the Law.  Note that we don't allow political posts, spam, arguments, or copyright infringements.  

- The term "vandwelling" says more about how we live rather than our specific vehicle.  Those who are currently living in a vehicle, full- or part-time, or those who want to are welcome to participate here.

- Before you begin posting, fill out your profile with as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing.  Especially useful information includes your general location and a brief description of yourself and your vandwelling vehicle (if you have one).  To edit your profile, click on User CP (Control Panel) in the lower left of the banner, then click on Edit Profile on the left side.

- Until you have participated with at least 10 substantive posts, do not include any links that take readers away from the CheapRVLiving website in order to view a blog, video, something for sale, etc.  Once you've you've made enough substantive posts, include a complete description of the content of the link for those members who don't have enough bandwidth or data to view it.  This includes any links within a signature.
Rule Change 09-21-2019: We're here to announce some changes in Forum Rules. As you know, we have had a 10-Post Policy Requirement Before Posting a Link rule in place. The reason we started it was to combat spam, which is a constant problem for all largish websites....But we would far rather let a few take advantage of us, than risk harming the innocent who only want to be helpful...So, we are going to change it. I’m hoping we can find a grey area that allows us to keep those selfish people who are joining only to spam us from being able to, but still let in the kind people who are here to post a helpful link

- Before you make your first topical post, introduce yourself in the Newcomer's Corner by clicking the New Thread Button in the upper right corner.

- When replying to a post that you are quoting, carefully trim the quote to the bare minimum.  When viewing the forum on a phone, readers become frustrated with the need to scroll through the same post twice to get a new comment, especially if there are pictures!

- To begin a thread, find the forum that best fits your topic and post there.  If you make a mistake, don't worry because the moderators can move it to the appropriate forum.

- Posts can be edited for 15 minutes after submitting.  For the history behind this time limit, see this thread.

- All members can start threads and make replies in all but a couple of forums.  Only women may post to the Girl's Room (although all can view).  And, the Dating Site for VanDwellers only allows members to start a thread with their dating resume.  No reply posts are allowed in the Dating Forum.

- To learn how to add a photo to your post, see Tutorial: How to Add a Photo.

- To view which threads contain new posts since your last visit, click on View New Posts or View Today's Posts on the lower right of the banner.  This will bring up a listing of threads.   Then, to go to the first post you have yet to read in a thread, click on the [Go To First Unread Post] link on the left side of each row.

- To publicly "Thank" a member for a post, click on the "Thanks" button at the bottom of the post for which you want to express your appreciation.

Common Acronyms

OP = Opening Post, Original Post, Original Poster
CP = Control Panel
PM = Private Message
Mod = Moderator

CRVL = Cheap RV Living
RTR = Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, a gathering

BLM = Bureau of Land Management
NFS = National Forest Service
LEO = Law Enforcement Officer

Private Communication Among Members and with Staff

- Members may communicate directly with each other through the Forums' Private Message (PM) system, or by email.  First, members must permit direct communication.  To change these permissions, go into your User CP, then click on Edit Options (on left side).  Now, look in the "Messaging and Notifications" section in the "Edit Options" column.  To allow members to PM you, click the check box to place a check mark next to "Receive private messages from other users."  To allow members to email you (without knowing your actual email address), click the check box to remove the check mark next to "Hide your email from other members."

- To send a Private Message (PM) to a member, click on their User Name.  This will bring up their Profile Page.  Toward the lower left is the link to send a Private Message, if the member allows.

- To check your Private Messages, click on Privates Messages just below the time of day in the forums' header.

- To send an email to a member, click on their User Name.  This will bring up their Profile Page.  Toward the lower left is the link to send an email, if the member allows.  (Note: The actual email address remains hidden.)

- If you need help, you may contact a Moderator or Administrator.  Click here to meet our team.  

- The forums' owner is Bob Wells and his User Name is akrvbob.  Bob prefers to be contacted by email (not PM).  You can email him using the method described above, or directly to [email protected].

- To privately report a post to the moderators for being SPAM or breaking a rule, click on the "Report" button just below the offending post.

Miscellaneous Forum Features

- To improve another member's Reputation, look toward the bottom left of their post.  Click the small button with the little guy wearing a halo next to the plus (+) sign; this is the Reputation button.   You can also give reputation points/comments via a member's Profile page.  Click on their User Name, then click on "[rate]" in the Reputation row within the first section.

- To get credit for referring other people who join these forums, go to your User CP and look in the top section titled "Your Account Summary."   At the bottom of that section box is a sentence that begins "To refer a member to this board, direct them to ..."  Copy the website address that follows.  Share this website address with those you invite to these forums.