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Free E books - cyndi - 02-04-2015

Please post links to free E-books, pertaining to travel and the van-dwelling lifestyle,* in this thread.
Please include the title, in your post. If the title is not self explanatory add a brief description of the book

There are a number of places, on-line, where free E-books are available. You may have to register to subscribe for 
daily or weekly emails. I'll indicate those with which I am familiar. (subscribe -daily e-mail)

Reddit has a free E-book forum, organized by genre

*pertaining to the van-dwelling lifestyle/travel is up for interpretation. 

Survival Book - cyndi - 02-04-2015

Baking Soda Power! Frugal and Natural: Health, Cleaning, and Hygiene Secrets - cyndi - 02-08-2015

Free for a limited time!

Baking Soda Power! Frugal and Natural: Health, Cleaning, and Hygiene Secrets of Baking Soda (Home Remedies, DIY Household Hacks, Chemical-Free, Green Cleaning, Natural Cleaning, Non-Toxic) - GrantRobertson - 02-08-2015

Here is a site for free, non-fiction books. They are free because they have advertising embedded directly within the book. I have found that the books are generally of good quality. Not stellar or incredibly thorough, but decent nonetheless.

Nowhere Like Home - cyndi - 02-13-2015

Free for a limited time!!!

"... Exciting, hilarious and occasionally disturbing, Nowhere Like Home is a coming of age tale that forces us to question not only the reasons people travel, but also the very foundations of our society."

The Thrifty Bean Cookbook: 35 Bean Recipes To Warm Your Heart & Your Belly - cyndi - 02-15-2015

I'm Just Sitting on a Fence: The secrets of life. - cyndi - 02-18-2015

"Amongst other things, I’m Just Sitting on a Fence chronicles Dax Flame’s travels in India, Hollywood, Rome, Mexico, San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon, where he volunteers at an orphanage, auditions with a movie star, falls in love, kills a fish, goes through a nervous breakdown, and has an epiphany-inducing near-death experience. But that may be misleading; there’s more to it than that."

RE: Free E books - offroad - 02-19-2015

Cyndi. --- thanks so much for doing the work of finding and posting this.

Debt Free Motorhome Living. Outstanding Life Hacks On How to Earn A Living On A Road: - cyndi - 02-19-2015

(rv travel books, how to live in a car, how to live in a car van ... rv lifestyle a dream come true, Book 2)


Simply Sailing: A Different Approach to a Life of Adventure - cyndi - 02-19-2015

FREE for a limited time!!!

"... Simply Sailing shows by example how easily one can eliminate stress, become more independent, spend more time with your children, and avoid the traps of commercialism. By simplifying their lives and taking an eco-friendly approach, they wander and explore for longer, rather than rushing to stop at the places on the list before the money runs out...."