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T-mobile and lack of overages - JoshKidding - 05-29-2015


I've been looking into mobile internet recently and I've been reading here and other places about what the best options may be. Clearly I've been leaning towards Verizon as it gets the gold standard pretty much everywhere. Currently I have a mobile plan and tablet through spring however and I have a little over a year left on that contract. Ill be using the hotspot to game from a shore powered desktop. I could just bump my data plan with sprint and usb tether from my tablet, but I'm told sprint has terrible service and bad latency problems. While I was doing research, I noticed that T-Mobile doesn't use any overage charges when you go over data. Yea, you get throttled but at least you could very slowly still have internet access. Assuming I would always be close to the coverage area does anyone think it would be worth considering? I'd buy the device so I don't have to go on contract as I'm really just waiting on a jailbreak for iPhone ios 8.3 so I can just use TetherMe to use my unlimited cell phone data plan on sprint.

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - akrvbob - 05-29-2015

If you are going to spend most of your time in the city, it doesn't matter who you get, they all work pretty well so get the cheapest.

If you are going to be away from the city Verizon gets an A+ for coverage and ATT gets a B. Everyone else get a D-.

What good is a cheap plan if it doesn't work where you are?

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - JoshKidding - 05-29-2015

Bob- Really I'm just looking for something to hold me over until I can jailbreak anyways. Then it's unlimited tethered data without a data plan cost.

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - highdesertranger - 05-29-2015

x2 on what bob said. highdesertranger

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - dusty98 - 05-30-2015

Actually, Bob is too generous, I give T Mobile an F for coverage... In big cities they are fine.

I left AT&T due to costs and coverage, about the same coverage as T Mobile and 2x the cost for my plan. Its been very frustrating on this (so far) 2,200 mile trip to have so much "no service" in the western states, and on mostly major highways too!

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - blars - 05-31-2015

T-mobile coverage is spotty, but suprisingly good in some places. My t-mobile phone works fine in eastern Imperial County, California 40 miles from the nearest city. They also purchased more spectrum from verizon to improve coverage a year ago.

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - Suanne - 05-31-2015

I have a T-Mobile smart phone (voice and data) and a Verizon JetPack (data).  In my snowbirding in AZ and UT these past 4 months, I found that Verizon data was far superior to T-Mobile data coverage, but my T-Mobile voice was sometimes better than friends' Verizon voice.

If I were living in a location where T-Mobile's data was strong, it'd be a no brainer to stick with T-Mobile because of their lack of overage charges.


RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - RVTravel - 05-31-2015

T mobile has both lack of overages and lack of coverages...lmao

RE: T-mobile and lack of overages - highdesertranger - 05-31-2015

ha ha ha good one RVtravel. highdesertranger

T-mobile and lack of overages - offroad - 06-03-2015

T mobile unlimited voice can be had for $30 a month. Then you get a verizon data jet pack with 10 gigs a month for $100. -- you might be good with everything.