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Who makes the best metal ice chest? - BigT - 06-04-2015

I've got an Igloo Playmate Elite (plastic), but I'm looking for something a little more efficient and/or practical.  Something that's metal both inside and out.  
I'd also like it have a flat top so it fits under the bed.  A drain would be nice too, along with a tray to keep items up out of the water.  

The Igloo Playmate is suitable for afternoon picnics, but there are a few things I don't like about it: 
~ No insulation in the lid/top. 
~ No drain for dumping melt water.
~ Too tall to fit under things. 
~ Poor dimensions (too tall and not wide enough).  

My height restrictions are that it can't be taller than 12 or 14 inches.  I also don't want it to be huge (space is at a premium inside my tiny van).  

I know I could do a Google or Amazon search, but hearing from folks who have them, use them and are familiar with their ups and downs is always helpful.  

And before it's suggested...  I'm not ready for an electric refrigerator just yet.  I haven't even installed my solar.  

Just curious what people like. 

Thanks!  Smile

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - ZoNiE - 06-04-2015

Coleman makes some Here:
[Image: 6154b720_500.jpg]

They used to be shiznt. Probably still are.

They used to make one you could stand up like an ice box:

[Image: vintage-coleman-cooler-metal.jpg]

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - highdesertranger - 06-04-2015

my parents had one of those ice box ones, in the day it was pretty cool. however remember anything that conducts electricity good also conducts heat and cold good. in other words metal will transfer the heat inside and the cold outside better than plastic. highdesertranger

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - rvpopeye - 06-04-2015

I have one of those old Coleman coolers , I only use it for storage , the ice lasts MUCH longer in the plastic Igloo. Wink

Who makes the best metal ice chest? - Bdog1 - 06-04-2015

Tuff to find anything that's 12" tall. That's pretty short.

The all plastic five day coolers ( mine is igloo) do last better. Still moderate cost. I've never tried the $300 fancy ones.

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - BigT - 06-05-2015

No kidding? I wouldn't have thought the plastic coolers stayed colder longer. Thanks for the tip, guys! Smile

btw... Are you talking about plastic coolers with an insulated lid, or the standard Igloo like I have with an uninsulated, plastic top?

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - wagoneer - 06-05-2015

I bit the bullet on a mid size Yeti, I like the double lock and use zip ties in bear country. Freeze 1 gallon water bottles in the dometic and transfer em to the yeti works well for overflow I get 4-5 days if not opened too often.Kinda like a freezer chest

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - compassrose - 06-05-2015

You could always build your own. A cooler is simply foam insulation sandwiched between a inner & outer skin. FRP would make a good inner and outer skin, glued to some 1" - 2" thick residential insulation sheathing (the pink or blue boards). Don't forget to put a drain on it to drain melted ice and spilled liquids out. Also helpful when cleaning it.

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - rvpopeye - 06-05-2015

I like the idea of making your own cooler.
Or just adding foam board to the outside of any cooler will greatly extend the life of the ice!
I've seen people adding foam to a fridge to help with energy consumption too.

RE: Who makes the best metal ice chest? - LeeRevell - 06-05-2015

My Dad made his own in-boat coolers from plywood with extra thick Styrofoam insulation. Block ice would last for many days. Kept our fish cold during our mullet fishing days. A scaled-down version could work in a van.
Or place a cheap all-Styrofoam cooler inside a standard plastic cooler, for extra insulation.