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WARNING - Windows 10 - Optimistic Paranoid - 07-25-2015

If you're considering upgrading to Windows 10, read the article that Chris just posted over on Technomadia FIRST!


RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - MikeRuth - 07-25-2015

Good thing to know, I'm thinking this will become a hot topic really fast and a fix or work around will come about.

Not to mention that the good guys who know how to hunt down the update modules and figure out how they work will come up with a a hack to stop it as well.

MIke R

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - LeeRevell - 07-25-2015

Good info.  This will be considered when deciding the viability of this "upgrade".   Undecided

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - Willy - 07-25-2015

I have a remote image (Macrium Reflect) for both of my laptops and might just get a dual boot situation going, or just ax W10 if I don't like it. I agree that not being able to nix updates can be a real PITA. ..Willy.

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - cherterr - 07-25-2015

Wow. I still have my last two laptops (2005 & 2010 models).. and I'm PRETTY SURE the reason the oldest one is still running is because I REFUSED to do updates a looooong time ago. Smile

But that's just me...a budding 'technophobe' SmileSmile

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - ZoNiE - 07-25-2015

No thanks. Mac is the best solution.

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - ccbreder - 07-26-2015

Updates are a good thing. Other wise stay off the internet or get hacked. That post by Chris was before W 10 release. They may or may not have a means of postponing automatic updates. Myself will keep W 7 pro until I need a new machine designed and built for W 10, and then wait for W 10.2.

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - LeeRevell - 07-26-2015

Before I retired from my IT job, my main consideration was to maintain as close commonality with my work system as possible, to minimize incompatibility problems.  Now of course, that is no longer a consideration.  I will not work in IT again.
The American Free Market system is great.  We have many choices, and we can choose which system best fits our particular needs.  It may be from MS, it may not be.  What works great for one person can be a nonstarter for another.  Them as likes Win10, more power to you.  I will await real-world reviews before I make a final choice to use it or not.  At the moment, it is not a requirement.

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - LeeRevell - 08-04-2015

Kim Komando has this article on what will NOT be available on Win10.  For most there are work-arounds.

RE: WARNING - Windows 10 - LeeRevell - 08-04-2015

Privacy Issues ("What 'privacy!?' ")   Undecided