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SPAM Sammiches - BobBski - 10-27-2015

Went to the grocery day before yesterday and saw SPAM on the shelf....haven't eaten it in years and for giggles and grins bought a couple cans.  When I got home I used an old wire type cheese cutter and threw 4 slices in the fry pan.  When browned on both sides I put 2 slices each on 2 hamburger buns along with mustard and a slice of cheese.  Tasted great !!!

If you ever happen to be around Austin MN, stop in and visit the SPAM Museum and learn its history.  Right across the street is also the Spamorama Restaurant with a great menu to choose from.

RE: SPAM Sammiches - Phantom Blooper - 10-27-2015

I like Spam also....but now days I buy the low sodium.....lot of uses for Spam. There is also a Spam cookbook available. In Hawaii it is a staple.

RE: SPAM Sammiches - wagoneer - 10-27-2015

I am such a whimp even the low sodium is too salty. My son makes spam sushi. Give me a nice corned beef.,,,,please

RE: SPAM Sammiches - WheelEstate USA - 10-27-2015

I'll say no thanks to Spam too

RE: SPAM Sammiches - B and C - 10-27-2015

One of my most favorite sammich's is made with Spam!

1- Can Spam
1- Can tomato soup
1- lb Velveeta cheese
1- medium onion
Hamburger buns

Using a grinder, grind Spam, Velveeta and onion.
Dump in tomato soup.  Mix thoroughly by hand (squeeze it out between the finger)

Spread on open face hamburger bun and place under broiler until bubbly and cheese just starts to brown. 

Makes a bunch.  Easily a 12 pack of hamburger buns - so 24+ 

YUM - Think I'll make some tonight Big Grin

RE: SPAM Sammiches - jimindenver - 10-27-2015

Spam is on the list of things I occasionally enjoy. Too often and it get tiresome.

RE: SPAM Sammiches - BobBski - 10-27-2015

Quote: I'm nearing the end of a book on the history of Spam. It has been a surprisingly interesting story.

I loaded up with and hauled several 46,000 lb loads of it over the years and researched the history via Internet while loading at the plant. Interesting history for sure and sales still going strong.

RE: SPAM Sammiches - johnny b - 10-27-2015

Couldn't resist.   Big Grin

RE: SPAM Sammiches - LeeRevell - 10-27-2015

I enjoy Spam too on occasion, but not too often, as it is very salty and filled with preservatives.  Edible Spam was found in King Tut's tomb, to carry the Boy King through to eternity.......     Wink

I like it in sandwiches, and diced into Egg&Rice (a Southern Classic breakfast), and other dishes.
There are a variety of types and flavors in the foil packets, but I wish more were available in cans.  They would store longer.

RE: SPAM Sammiches - Queen - 10-27-2015

Love spam, grew up on it and still enjoy it a few times a year. Gotta have plain yellow mustard, none of that fancy stuff.