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Thank you akrvbob! - dhawktx - 11-01-2015

I feel so sorry for the folks that know something's wrong but don't have a clue what to do about it!

Thanks eversomuch for the forum!

RE: Thank you akrvbob! - surfer - 11-01-2015

Yes, thank you!

RE: Thank you akrvbob! - akrvbob - 11-01-2015

It's my pleasure.

Thank you akrvbob! - offroad - 11-02-2015

This is so true. At least you can have a chance at a freedom of sorts with minimal income, by looking at the van living lifestyle. All other paths of working for a system that promises future rewards is a much worse bet, I fear

RE: Thank you akrvbob! - rvpopeye - 11-02-2015

AND let's not forget the blog.........a must read.

Thanks bud , for all your efforts helping people let their "freedom out"!

RE: Thank you akrvbob! - Sameer - 11-02-2015


The Good Guru who has given us the formula for success and absolute FREEDOM....