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Saying Good Bye To Bindi - WheelEstate USA - 04-28-2016

Today was especially heart wrenching for Margie and me. We had to make the hardest decision we, as a couple, have ever had to make.

Bindi has been feeling listless for a few days and this morning she screamed bloody murder when Margie lifted her. Her abdomen looked bruisedand a bit distended so we took her to a vet. 
The vet did xrays, and some other tests and found severe liver problems and platelet issues (I don't understand it all).
Anyhow, all this means that she will need ongoing vet care for the rest of her life that, as travelers, we will not be able to provide. She will require liver monitoring and medication adjustments from now on.
Basicly, it was a choice of keeping her and shortening her life and causing suffering or giving her up.
The vet offered to take Bindi in, make her well over the next several weeks, and then re-home her with a suitable client of hers.
We felt we had no choice but to do what was best and agree.

I broke down and cried, nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, eventho I was hooked up to my tank...couldn't breathe.
It was a terrible feeling leaving without her, eventho I know she will live longer and have a good doctor looking out for her in the future.

I'm sitting here now missing Bindi so damn much. A little bit ago she would have been "talking" to me and wanting a little treat before bedtime. She would sit real pretty and make little sounds, like "seem me being such a cute little girl".
Life will be a lot different without our Bindi.
And no, we are not getting another dog. It wouldn't be the same and I couldn't take another heart break like this.

Good night...gonna try not to cry myself to sleep.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - flying kurbmaster - 04-28-2016

sad news, I know how you feel, almost, I did the same thing about 5 years ago, after having her for 11 she had to be put down, saddest day I can remember, I still have not even thought of getting another dog, I remember just about everything about that day like it was yesterday.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - jimindenver - 04-28-2016

I am so sorry to hear that. You did the right thing for her. I understand your decision too. It kills me not to have them but loosing the last two so close together was too much.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - ggwoman - 04-28-2016

Such selfless love is rare.  You did right by Bindi.  Hugs to you all.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - Bitty - 04-28-2016

I'm so sorry to hear this. Wish there was something I could say to make it feel a bit better, but I know there's really nothing. *hugs*

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - GotSmart - 04-29-2016

Let it out guys.  No shame in that.  It is hard when you have to let a companion go.  

I grieved more over my ex taking her old cat, than her leaving.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - janncoo - 04-29-2016

Very sorry to hear about Bindi. You did the best thing for her not yourself. Not sure if I would be as strong or selfless. Bless you all. Jan

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - Hippiechk - 04-29-2016

Awwwww! Damn, soooo sorry you two! *tears*


RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - WheelEstate USA - 04-29-2016

Thank you all for your kind words and support.
I haven't slept a wink...Sat up much of the night trying to convince myself that I'm not a bad "daddy" for giving away our little girl.
I never realized just how deep my feelings were for Bindi. I've never had a pet that impacted me as much as she did.
It's going to take some time to get over feeling as terrible as I do now.

RE: Saying Good Bye To Bindi - Theadyn - 04-29-2016

Many (((hugs))) to both you and Margie. You did the best thing for her.