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Water Purification while Boondocking - Optimistic Paranoid - 05-15-2016

If you can purify backcountry water, you can significantly extend the amount of time before you need to go back to civilization to stock up.  Plus, it can be a significant survival tool in the event your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Here are some really good info resources I've found.  If you know of others, please post them in this thread.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - 29chico - 05-15-2016

I have the Hiker Pro by Katadyn. Works very well.  The filter is pretty resistant to plugging up in turbid water as long as you have the filter wrap, prefilter screen, bobber and weight in place. 

A proper water filter is indeed a very important piece of kit.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Almost There - 05-15-2016

I use a Sawyer squeeze filter system. I've had it now for 3 years and I'm extremely happy with the filtration process.

Here's the link to all the Sawyer water filtration options.

Mine, once I get around to assembling all the pieces will be turned in to a gravity feed system...I mostly use gravity now for making it work but the squeeze bag has got to go...more of a pita to fill than anything else.

I tried one of the Steripen crank UV models but found that it took more arm power to keep it cranking long enough to become effective than I was capable of. I actually had a very fit, much younger guy take a turn at it and his comment was that if he had to do more than a quart a day he'd rather drink dirty water... Rolleyes  I had chosen it over other Steripen options because I didn't want any batteries that can fail in the field.

I always carry tablets for emergency use but have never had to use them.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - myway_1 - 05-15-2016

I use this type. I have the smallest one (Scout). It does a little more than a quart in two hours. The big ones will do a gallon in two hours.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Every Road Leads Home - 05-15-2016

I have the MSR miniworks in the first article and I am extremely happy with it. It's been on multiple back packing adventures, a 3500 mile motorcycle trip and lives in my vehicle permanently. Although I don't need to rely on it too often car camping, it's extremely handy when I do. The Steri pen has long been on my list as a back up, i've yet to pull the trigger on buying one though.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Every Road Leads Home - 05-15-2016

Just got to the second article and now i'm intrigued by the MSR Guardian, looks like it basically takes any threat out of the water, including viruses. Very pricey at 349 though, just came out and it's new technology so I'll revisit that in a year or so.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Reducto - 05-15-2016

I have a Sawyer gravity bag and it's wonderful! It doesn't do viruses but it gets everything else with minimal effort. On my to do list is to put a fitting onto a 2 gallon collapsible jug (or two) so I can use that instead of the small bag that came with the filter.

If you're planning on being around some really suspect water you could go all out like these guys:

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Fivealive - 05-16-2016

I use the platypus gravity works filter.  It filters 4 liters in 2.5 mins.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - Crave - 07-14-2016

I have been doing some research into a good water filtration systems. The things I am lookiing for are...

1. must filter bio material (protazoa, etc)
2. must filter heavy metals (lead and mercury are mandatory and litium is a hopeful)
3. must have a high gallon life span (100+ per filter)
4. must not be prohibitavely expensive (was looking at the Pur facet attached filters)

What I found out should be shared.

1. gravity flow filters do not filter out heavy metals (this is very important as many water sources are not tested for this, especially in off-the-beaten-path areas out west)
2. Pur water filters tht do filter heavy metals require 20 PSI (I do not know what water pumps for RV's provide for PSI out put so can someone educate us all on this?)

If your not concerned about heavy metals and are looking for best bang for your buck (arn't we all) then you may want to look at LifeStraw.

But there are other options in this area as well that are on parellel but is the highest volume lifespan of the filter I saw, not to say there is not better.


I am working on a plan to make a solar distiller Wink one thing at a time and at the moment am working on more basic requierments.

RE: Water Purification while Boondocking - highdesertranger - 07-14-2016

ok I have got to comment on this. metallic lead is very rare in nature, lithium never occurs in nature. like lead it is always in a compound. to have a spring contaminated with lead or lithium is highly unlikely. in fact if you find one with high concentrations of lithium you better file a claim then get ahold of Elon Musk. there is 1 lithium mine in the US and it is not free lithium.

now mercury is a different story but mercury deposits are well documented. if you are in a cinnabar(cinnabar is the ore of mercury) bearing area don't drink the water. mercury is nasty stuff and you don't want it in your body but has been hyped to the extreme. let me give you some examples. all tuna has mercury in it, do you eat tuna? all salmon has mercury in it do you eat salmon? what is the name of San Jose, CA newspaper? the Mercury News. why is it called the Mercury News? because San Jose is sitting on a huge mercury deposit. when CA was first being settled the mercury was literally oozing up though the ground. San Jose is home to silicone valley. all those techies don't seemed to concerned about it.

what I am trying to get across is, springs contaminated with heavy metals at levels high enough to cause problems are very, very rare. you are far more likely to die in a car accident then to have bad effects from running spring water though a filter. don't be silly, don't drink orange water coming out of an abandoned mine shaft. don't try to purify hot spring water. I have traveled the west for 50 years, don't be silly. highdesertranger