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Receiving big mail packages - Mobilesport - 07-24-2016

When shopping online they ask for a shipping address , Im suprised that they don't give you a option to have UPS/FedEx hold the package for pick up , no such option .
I remember picking up many packages from UPS and a big tv from FedEx , I don't remember how it worked out back then (10 years ago) but it seems things have changed .
Also alot of online mechants dont have a PayPal option which is
 pretty annoying .
I prefer to shop at places that I can check out using PayPal. 
A combination of Paypal and having them hold my package would be really awesome.

RE: Receiving big mail packages - Optimistic Paranoid - 07-24-2016

Both FedEx and UPS show hold-for-pickup options at no extra cost:

I guess the only question becomes what address do you give the shipper?  You could go into the nearest UPS or FedEx location and discuss that with them, I suppose.

RE: Receiving big mail packages - Almost There - 07-24-2016

The biggest problem when on the road to do with large packages (or packages of any size really) is when you're ordering from Amazon when they are paying the shipping.

Amazon doesn't figure out how to ship the parcel until it's pulled, packed and ready to go out the door so they have no way in advance of letting you know how it's going to be shipped. This means you have a have a receiving agent that can accept packages no matter how they arrive.

For this reason I've used Kinekpoints where I can and have a collection of business cards now from all the places in AZ where I had stuff shipped last year. This year I can order things in advance of being in town instead of having to wait until I'm there to find someplace to receive packages!!

I had both of my 65Qt Whynter fridges shipped to Yuma last year. The staff even helped my arm-wrestle the two huge boxes in to my van for me.