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- cyndi - 03-01-2011

<FONT size=3>What are your top&nbsp; "must haves" on the road.</FONT><br><FONT size=3></FONT>&nbsp;<br><FONT size=3>I was going to limit it to 3 items, then 5 because I'm nosy, then 10, because I hate setting limits. Then I thought mostly everyone is traveling in vans, you can't get much more limited than that!</FONT><br><FONT size=3></FONT>&nbsp;<br><FONT size=3>Cyndi</FONT><br>

- 1oleman - 03-01-2011

Camera, books, computer w/internet, FOOD. more books.&nbsp; enough clothes so as to go more than three days without donig laundry.&nbsp; tools to fix whatever.&nbsp; That's about it.&nbsp; Ed<br>

- gadgetMe - 03-01-2011

extra water, extra food, extra cash, maps navigation aids, clothes for all climates, a way to communicate, tools for survival, <br><br>Putz<br>[Image: 1224.gif]<br><br><br>

- katelyn - 03-01-2011

hmmmm... guess I'd say computer, water, food (and dog food), phone, multi-tool, lighter, and soap. <br>

- Les H - 03-01-2011

Katelyn stole my addition. I don't go ANYWHERE ( ok,not in shower and bed) without my leatherman multitool.(1) Buy a quality one from a reputable manufacturer. Mine has a lifetime warranty , and I have even broken the pliar jaw turning rusty 1/2" bolts and it was sent back to me good as new. Besides that, a way to get the weather forecast(2), a map or gps (3), a first aid kit (4), clothes(5), a lighter or fire starting sticks (6), and good boots or shoes.(7) there are more, and they are not always in that order, but food can be caught or foraged, water can be found and boiled to drink. It's real tough to go somewhere that no one else has been, and where people go , unfortunately , there is usually stuff that is left behind that can be reused. You CAN boil water in a plastic bottle, make stoves out of cans, create or find shelters and so on. What you take with you or leave behind can set the tone for your whole trip. What kind of experience do you want to enjoy?

- dlivesgreen - 03-02-2011

1. multi-tool (leatherman), 2. para-chord (at least 100'), 3. duct tape, 4. water (in a sturdy container), 5. ferro rod, 6. clif bars, 7. first aid kit, 8. compact solar charger, 9. smartphone (w/gps and internet), (all of this in) 10. my camel bak pack.&nbsp; I have more in the pack but these are what I consider the most important.&nbsp; The phone obviously doesn't stay in the pack.&nbsp; This was a pretty cool question.&nbsp; It shows the difference of people's priorities.&nbsp; I took it very literal to 10 items.<br>

- Hammer - 03-02-2011

<div>For my van,</div><div><br></div><div>In no particular order except as they come to mind <img src="/images/boards/smilies/tongue.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle"></div>1) Comfy Pillow, 2) Cel Phone, 3) Computer w/ internet, 4) GPS, 5) Leatherman, 6) Tools, 7) MUSIC!, 8) BOOK(S)!, 9) Guitar, 10) Clipboard or FMP<div><br></div><div>For hiking or camping, again in no particular order;</div><div>1) Canadian Forces style Load Bearing Tactical Vest, 2) Black Betty Air Mattress, 3) Arctic Sleeping Bag, 4) 2 Sets field clothing, 5) Equivalent to 3 IMP (Individual Meal Packets) Rations, 6) First Aid Kit and Field dressing, 7) Fire kit (Lint, firesticks, lighter, matches, flint/magnesium, knife), 8) Playing Cards, 9) FMP (Canadian Forces Field Message Pad) or Kneeboard, 10) VHF/UHF radio (depending on location), 11) 5 to 10 Black garbage bags, 12) Rope (1x3' length of 7/8" aviation grade nylon rope, 100' black or green para cord 5mm), 13) Plenty of paper towel, 14) compass, 15) 2 Protein bars, 16) L lamp flashlight, with 2 spare D cells, 17) Cable style field saw, 18) As many knives as I can pocket or put on my belt Incl. leatherman, 19) Shovel/Hatchet, 20) Bivvy Bag</div><div><br></div><div>Lots of stuff, I know, but I like to be prepared. <img src="/images/boards/smilies/smile.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle"></div><div><br></div><div>Hammer</div>

- RVTravel - 03-02-2011

<span id="post_message_1267513060">Bedroom, bathroom with shower, kitchen, office, closet ; )</span>

- butterfly - 03-04-2011

<P><FONT size=3 face="Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">at the top of my list would be toothbrush, toothpaste, and those plastic tooth picks w/ a little brush on one end that gets between the teeth easily...not necess for survival but definatly needed for my personal comfort.</FONT></P>

- cyndi - 03-04-2011

<P><FONT size=3>ok, then I guess I have everything I need.... except for the vehicle&nbsp; <IMG border=0 align=absMiddle src=""></FONT></P>