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RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - BradKW - 10-04-2016

I liked the design of 21 an 30 best, but would not choose either because of how busy the "Freedom is..." makes it. I think that's too much for a logo...if that were removed, they'd be my favorites. Without making changes, I'd have to go with 31.

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - janncoo - 10-04-2016

I love simple and 31 gets my vote. I also love the cheaprvliving decal on my van now. Jan

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - TMG51 - 10-04-2016

I like the 1st one (#31) and 6th one (#10). I think simple is good, and I like both of those more than the current logo. The additional gas/road quote makes the others too busy in my opinion.

I also like the designs featuring a van instead of a full RV. Tongue

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - GotSmart - 10-04-2016

That was my thought also... Simple is best.  

If it is too busy, it does not get the message across. Simple black and white says it best.

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - highdesertranger - 10-04-2016

If I had to choose from those I would choose the first one.  I do like the black and white oval.



RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - poprouge - 10-04-2016

31 is the cleanest and more attractive to they eye. Some of the other choices are busy and distract from the information you want the reader to see.

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - Vagabound - 10-04-2016

In the world of logos, and those who know about them, two of the "no-no"s of design are 1) busy, and/or 2) tiny lettering, which causes squinting.  Either of those defeats a basic job of logos -- instant, unambiguous recognition. Think "Just Do It" with the swoosh thing.

By those standards alone, all of those proposed designs don't work well except 31, and 10, to a degree.  Of those, 31 is at least half again better than 10, so it would be my recommendation.


RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - jimindenver - 10-04-2016

#31 clean, colorful, easy to see and understand. Website logo is clearly the message being conveyed here.

#10 Clean, simple. easy to print and would look great on a ball cap. I would suggest enhancing the RV in the logo to make the site easier to read. ( first thing I see is CHEAPR not CHEAP RV)

#26 looks like a road sign or rangers badge. Also the site is a after thought not the main message.

#11, 21 and 30 all remind me of the 60's and tie dye. Too busy and hard to read. #28 is better but sill busy. #30 could look good with out the second slogan.

You could simplify the second slogan as such Freedom=full tank + empty roads, maybe ring #10 in smaller letters if you really want it there.

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - akrvbob - 10-04-2016

I agree with all of you and have asked all the designers to remove the "Freedom is a ...." text so it is simplified. I really like it but it is too much.

The way it works is you get three days and as each design comes in you give feedback as to what is working and what is not working. My feedback has been exactly what you all have been telling me. I'll see if I can do another poll for this last new batch as they are all better.

Today is the last day so I just got in a whole new batch of new designs and they are all much better!!!! the way it works I guess is the best designers watch and wait as the whole thing becomes clear and then they come in with the best stuff at the end.

Todays designs are truly brilliant, incorporating much of what you all said.

Thanks much!! Bob

RE: Poll for New LOGO for the website - GotSmart - 10-04-2016

I have noticed that over time colors fade.  

Looking for the new options!