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!dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - NomadBob - 10-10-2016

Not a dweller *yet*.  But 2 of my fav food items are my crock pot and my dehydrator.
I can remake/build my dehydrator to collapse into almost nothing/flat, and run low power.
Crockpot might be another issue.  The heat source plus the thermal mass of the ceramic pot seems a possible issue.

Ideas, links, comments, solutions?
Space and power/energy are my main concerns.

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - djkeev - 10-10-2016


Road Pro crockpot may become your best buddy......


RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - VanForNow - 10-10-2016

A dutch oven would be a reasonable substitute for a crockpot, and I would like to take my dehydrator on the road as I prepare to launch my new life.

Dehydrated meals,  compact and long-lasting, make perfect sense for on-the-road life with its restricted storage, allowing us to stay in remote areas longer, without having to go to town to re-stock on food.

The problem is the volume taken up by the dehydrator and its trays. My Nesco brand dehydrator has a large volume. Another problem is the power needed to run the Nesco for the 8-10 hours needed to dry meals. 

Oh well, maybe I can figure out a way to take it with me.

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - DannyB1954 - 10-10-2016

Pressure cookers are a popular alternative. What takes hours in a crock pot can be done in an hour in a pressure cooker. You can also take the pressure cooker off the heat and wraap it in a blanket and it will cook some more with its residual heat.

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - highdesertranger - 10-10-2016

I vote dutch oven. oh there is no poll. I still vote dutch oven, it's a very versatile cooking tool. highdesertranger

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - eDJ_ - 10-10-2016

I have a friend who is a retired Electrical Engineer.   He swears by these hot air convection ovens and says they are superior in every way for cooking and energy conservation. (130 watts for his Nu Wave)  to 1300 for Magic Chef  Convection Cooker etc.   He's worn out about 5 of the things now and just about does all of his cooking in them.  He still cooks, bakes, and cans on his electric range as some  things he fixes are beyond the scope of he air convection cooker.   But for living in an RV one of these could play well to the cooking for one or two.  

He likes the NuWave as it has a lexan bowl you sit over the food and it uses far less electric.   I is a more expensive unit however.

[Image: 20192918.jpg?isrc=1111]

Several other nice things to have listed here:

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - jimindenver - 10-10-2016

Crack the lid on a solar oven and it acts like dehydrator.

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - NomadBob - 10-11-2016

Thanks all !!
I have the Road Pro 'stove' and just tested it out on a recent road trip. Worked better then I thought. Have a cool hack for it on the way.

I do have a pressure cooker but its a massive All-American one. And just got a dutch oven.

My dehydrator is a 4 tray Excalibur, that I can easily hack into a collapsible. Dehydrating is fairly easy thing to do. Though I disagree on using a solar oven. You aren't trying to cook the food, just remove the water content. (but a solar oven has always been in my cross hairs, as is solar water heating and even air heating)

Convection is cool, but still on the fence with them for energy vs space vs versatility.

How about a dutch oven pressure cooker crock-pot? I think its about do-able. Time to fire up the machine shop.

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - jimindenver - 10-11-2016

When you vent a solar oven they run around 150 degrees. I've never done it but they have it on you tube so it must be true. Smile

RE: !dweller yet Crockpot/dehydrator - NomadBob - 10-11-2016

LOL on the truth of YouTube/internet. (owe ya a beer)
150F is about the top temp for dehydrating.
Its *dry* air flow more then temp.