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- freenez2 - 03-15-2011

Health care was discussed in a seminar at the RTR, but can't recall the name of the Mexican town that was suggested. Anyone know what that is? Thanks <br>

- cyndi - 03-15-2011

<FONT size=3>I always want to say Albondigas (meatball) it's actually <b>Algodones</b></FONT><br><b><FONT size=3></FONT></b>&nbsp;<br><FONT size=3>This website lists doctors and dentists<b> </b></FONT><br><A href="" target=_blank><FONT size=3></FONT></A><br><FONT size=3></FONT>&nbsp;<br><FONT size=3>I hope you are well, I think of you and Mia frequently!</FONT><br>

- freenez2 - 03-16-2011

Hi Cyndi. All is well here and the usual suspect (Mia) is fine too. ;-) Thanks for the info and for thinking about us. <br>

- sl1966 - 11-16-2011

I read something someplace about using Apple cider vinegar to cure sinus infections, but don't recall where. It was something I was about to try because the pain killers and antibiotics I was taking at the time didn't seem to be working. I wound up not doing it because it cleared up the day after things were at their worst.<div><br></div>

- VanTramp - 11-16-2011

Honey and apple cider vinegar is good at cutting congestion etc if you drink it. I have heard of people using neti pots with saline sollution (pickling salt and distilled water .28 grams per ml will make 7%) Not sure what percent you want for the neti pot use though. 7% is what I use for the times I nebulize it.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>The neti pot is supposed to be great for sinus stuff. (never tried that though, my sinuses are usually fine)</div><div><br></div><div>Hope that helps!</div>

- dragonflyinthesky - 11-16-2011

I looked up what a neti pot is, had not heard of one before.<br><A href="" target=_blank></A><br><br>I use a plastic spoon with warm salt water dissolved in it when I have sinus or cold problems.&nbsp;You just&nbsp;close one side of your nose with a finger and snort the water up your nose.&nbsp;Have kleenex ready, it does its job of clearing your sinus'&nbsp;It is not very comfortable but it works.<br>I wish I could only find something good to keep earaches away.<br><FONT color=#ff00ff><b>Dragonfly</b></FONT><br>

- Seraphim - 11-16-2011

My wife gets quite a few infections, and her allergist recommended salt water in very warm water.

Oops dragonfly only beat me too it lol. But DW swears by it.

- sl1966 - 11-16-2011

I use a neti pot and love it! Unfortunately it only helps when you're not completed congested. When you're not it's great for cleaning out allergens and shortening the life of a cold. It didn't really help me much when I was suffering from sinus headaches tho.<div><br></div>

- gadgetMe - 12-31-2011

I have been going for the last 4 years to Algondones, camp right next to the border<br><br>Get meds<br>Drink Beer, enjoy music, buy dumb t-shirts<br>Purchase tequila <br>Eat real Mexican food<br>purchase blankets <br>get pastries from the bakery ..&nbsp; yumm<br><br>many people go there for medical treatment, dental, glasses.. <br>&nbsp;Every morning there is a line to enter at the port that is sometimes 1 mile long<br><br>Putz<br><br>

- akrvbob - 01-01-2012

In my experience if you go early, and leave early, there won't be a line. Lots of snowbirds just go for lunch and hit it all at once later in the day. Leave before 10:00 to 11:00 AM and there shouldn't be any line. Last time I was there and got glasses, he wasn't going to have them done till noon, so I said I would come back and get them the next day. Each day I left before 10:30 and there was no line, just walked straight through. Spending an extra $5 for parking the second day was money well spent to avoid a 2 hour wait in line under the hot sun!! Bob <br>