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Women Only: Do any of you know any self-defense... - TrainChaser - 03-13-2017

... that doesn't involve guns, knives or clubs?  Just your brain, hands and feet.

I've watched some YouTube videos where women get into a fight with men, and they're so ineffective that they're ludicrous -- like spitting at a charging rhino.

And if you don't, why not?

RE: Do any of you know any self-defense... - DuneElliot - 03-13-2017

I went through LEO training which included arrest control and basic hand to hand (no weapons) take down procedures. Of course that was a few years ago and I don't remember all of it, but I do remember some. I really need a refresher course at this point. I'm definitely thinking about taking a Krav Maga class if I can find one.

RE: Do any of you know any self-defense... - LoupGarou - 03-13-2017

Yes, but I still carry my key whip.

RE: Do any of you know any self-defense... - Queen - 03-13-2017

Yes, I've been pretty extensively trained in self defense. How well you do varies tremendously based on almost innumerable factors, health, height, weight, expertise, adrenaline level, how willing to commit to the situation... and this goes for both sides of the attack.

Biggest hurdle is your head, we've been told from birth that we are weak and we should "be nice", massive mental hurdles to doing well in self defense. But I find most women feel very empowered when they start staking self defense, they start to realize they don't have to be a passive victim waiting to be saved.

Do any of you know any self-defense... - Sunseeker - 03-13-2017

Tai Chi is very good for using your opponent's weight and momentum against them without having to expend as much effort. Aikido is also good. I did karate but never had to use it what with the big dogs I travel with and the nothing worth stealing I surround myself with.

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RE: GIRLS ROOM: Do any of you know any self-defense... - DrJean - 03-15-2017

I have a purple belt in Tang Soo Do, a defensive martial art, and training on take downs. I recommend all, even young people, to take a basic self defense course. In that you should learn to think...and act.... run away and how if you can... but how little strength it takes to rip an ear off or break a person's pinkie finger...causing excruciating pain and giving you time to run or grab something else. (My class taught us how to rip through jeans to a man's crotch...but I no longer have the strength for that!) Kneeing or plastering a good backwards fist works well too. Wink

Take one class.... in basic "women's" self defense! Then practice it kicks in when (if) a situation arises... like mine did.

RE: GIRLS ROOM: Do any of you know any self-defense... - Fairlight - 03-19-2017

Krav Maga (Israeli army- based self defense) may fit the bill, though I don't know much about the specifics of the discipline.

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RE: GIRLS ROOM: Do any of you know any self-defense... - LilNomad - 03-19-2017

Im also looking into taking a Krav Maga class. From my understanding its basic steps that address how to handle real life mugging/attack situations...for example what to do if someone grabs you from behind..etc.

RE: GIRLS ROOM: Do any of you know any self-defense... - crofter - 04-08-2017

I use my voice and stay in command of the situation. 360 degree mindset. And of course glock perfection.

RE: GIRLS ROOM: Do any of you know any self-defense... - Goalgirl - 01-18-2019

I have a 1st deg blackbelt in American Kenpo and have trained in Kajukembo, Kali and Salat as well.   All told about 15 years of martial arts practice.  I would say a bit of training will not do you much good unless you practice often. Knowing a technique in your head isn't much use if you don't have the muscle memory to execute quickly and under stress. Even better if you can practice in a sparring situation to help you get over the shock of getting hit.    I've seen a lot of people just freeze the first time they get hit hard.   In my Kajukembo dojo, we called the bruises "honor tattoos".  It wasn't just the guys with testosterone poisoning... it was considered important to know how to take a hit as well as how to avoid one, because in a self-defence situation, the chances of getting hit are pretty high.

Even if you carry a fire arm, you need to practice often, not just shooting, but getting the gun from your holster/purse/glove box to your hand, getting the safety off, etc, all without losing sight of the threat.  I taught some self defence seminars for women and would always ask who carries.  I would them give them a rubber practice handgun and tell them to put it where they normally carry theirs.  I would then stand about 20 feet away, tell them i was going to attack on the count of three.  In 2 years of teaching that seminar, not a single person could draw on me before I attacked them.  From 20ft, with a count down.  

Your best defense is always situational awareness and trusting your gut instinct. If the situation doesn't feel right and you have the urge to leave, don't talk yourself out of it.  Just go.