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cyndi - cyndi - 09-28-2012

Interesting. I guess growing up on the East Coast, I am used to having to pay for access to public lands. Also, I realize that volunteers for maintenance and to pick up after the slobs probably don't exist. On a more personal level, I wouldn't mind being a seasonal employee for one of those concessionaires.<br /><br />

cyndi - mockturtle - 09-28-2012

I thought the article was a little bit misleading.&nbsp; Our NFS campgrounds out here charge money now and are <em>not</em> run by concessionaires.&nbsp; A few of the NPS campgrounds are but not the NFS.&nbsp; Yet.&nbsp;

cyndi - akrvbob - 09-28-2012

Having worked as a campground host for a NF concessionaire for the last 4 years, I can assure you that is a terrible article. I don't know if the writer is too lazy to learn the truth or knows he is being deceptive and doesn't care, either way, very little he said was true and none of it was balanced.<br />Bob

cyndi - cyndi - 09-29-2012

hahaha Bob, why don't you tell us what you really think!