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Getting packages. - whitewolf - 08-17-2017

Just my experience after two months on the road. I used to be an Amazon guy but now I'm becoming a Walmart picker upper. If I know I'm going to be passing by a certain Walmart in a week or two, I can order just about anything for pickup.
Amazon has glitched out on me twice. The Post Master at a small rural Post Office where my attempt at General Delivery failed, explained it well. Two many hands in the Amazon delivery chain. You never know if they are going to send your package UPS or USPS. If they decided to send it UPS, the driver is supposed to take it to the Post Office. But if it's closed when he gets there, too bad.
Walmart, on the other hand, is all in house. Their drivers and stores are going 24/7. If you want something delivered to a certain store, it pretty much gets there. Usually within days but I allow a week to be sure.
Of course this is for stuff that I can't find locally.

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RE: Getting packages. - lenny flank - 08-17-2017

I always get Amazon stuff shipped to my sister, who then forwards it to me through General Delivery.

Takes longer, but saves a lot of hassle.

RE: Getting packages. - sometimesido - 08-17-2017

There's also Amazon Locker, if there is one around you.

RE: Getting packages. - vic_in_a_van - 08-18-2017

Been checking on Amazon Lockers as well. They appear to like college towns. I'm sure that will increase in the future.

RE: Getting packages. - wheels - 09-16-2017

(08-17-2017, 05:28 AM)whitewolf Wrote:  Amazon has glitched out on me twice. 
Perhaps you could somehow have the Amazon people sticker it to be held at the big X or big brown shipping office for pickup ?
...How would you communicate that, to them ???
A bit of a sticky wickett ...
This might end up a valid method for saving money on consumer goods !  :-)
Sry I can't offer more help...  the mailbox rentals are pricey, in the end...  and they will have a charge to forward things from their store.
There must be a solution...
Good luck

RE: Getting packages. - vagari - 09-17-2017

All I know is Amazon Logistics (their own delivery company) is the worst ever. I've had packages dropped off at wrong address. I had to go get myself. I had packages were they said I refused delivery, not there, hand gave to me, etc. that have been false statements.

I may try the Amazon lockers as I never heard of them until now and there is one nearby. I like Amazon, but they are not the only merchant.

RE: Getting packages. - Honeys Park - 09-23-2017

Especially if you travel thru my area and warn me first so I don't open it, you wouldn't be the first to have it shipped to my place.

RE: Getting packages. - RoamingKat - 09-24-2017

About a week ago I was going to use Walmart because it is easier when you don't know where you will be. I figured I could drive over to the Walmart.

I forget what item it was...but online Walmart said the item was not available for store was "ship to" only.

If that is going to become common..I am going to have to think of a new plan.

RE: Getting packages. - John61CT - 09-24-2017

Poste Restante?

RE: Getting packages. - whitewolf - 09-24-2017

There are items that they sell for others that they never stock. Same as Amazon Prime. That's why it's delivery only.

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