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Any Women looking to Spend time with Women - VanGirl - 10-18-2012

Hi All,<br />NOT looking to date other women. I just have more fun and would like to spend quality like time with them. I always find I have more in common with women my age. <br />I'm in my late 50s. <br />Guys, I don't mean to leave you out I just need female friends.<br /><br />VanGirl<br /><br />

Member response: If you can make it, you might try the RubberTrampRondy in January at Quartzsite. many of the folks who show up are women. Most of them solo. In addition, there is a rally of the Sisters on the Fly there the same time as the RTR... www,

- twokniveskatie - 10-20-2012

Yeah, van girl, as I get older I find I appreciate my female companions much more. [The RubberTrampRondy is] a great place for networking and friendship, and for hooking up with others with similar interests.

- VanGirl - 10-20-2012

Thanks, I will make it to at least one weekend of the RTR.<br /><br />VanGirl

- twokniveskatie - 10-21-2012

Hey VanGirl- looks like you edited your post from the original email I received. Bob has specified that this is to be a "dating" thread, so while this is a good post, it now, after edits, seems like it would have a better home elsewhere. I have enabled members to be able to move there own posts, so you can choose a new forum for it, or, of not, I will move it tonight when I doing maintenance. But thanks for the post itself, it's good to have chances to hang out with the girls, I don't get to do enough of it!

- cyndi - 10-21-2012

I just want to add, with regard to the RTR, that an informal woman's forum/group/seminar is held on one day. You may want to try and schedule your time at the RTR around that. Right now it's scheduled for Monday, January 14<br />at&nbsp;<strong style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: 20px; background-color: #befca9;"><span style="font-size: medium;"><span style="font-size: 16px; line-height: 19px;">3:00 PM Women&nbsp;on Wheels--for&nbsp;women only! &nbsp;the schedule is not written in stone and subject to change, so you may want to check in for updates. The Calendar is here:<br /></span></span></strong><a href=""></a>

- twokniveskatie - 10-21-2012

I'm pondering where a good place for this thread is. While pondering, I thought to create a thread for girl stuff. Whatcha think?

- ttpadilla - 10-21-2012

I like it!&nbsp; Great idea...

- twokniveskatie - 10-21-2012

Okie dokie, that's all I need :-) I will move this after bit, and you girls pitch in your ideas and thoughts, like, is it no boys allowed? It surely won't be secret.....

- ttpadilla - 10-21-2012

Lol!&nbsp; I like the way you think, Ann!!

- VanGirl - 10-21-2012

I'm glad to see you gals seem to understand. There are no happier times in my life than spending time with my female friends. Living in a vehicle, RV or on the road seems to be a male dominated life style. It is very hard to make friends when we are living like this.