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Women Only: Downsizing! - StealthNinja - 12-10-2017

Hi all,

Three years of being unable to work due to medical/surgical issues has led me to needing to sell my house.  My first stop will be to stay with my elderly parents who are frail and in need of someone at the house pretty much full time, for now.  Once I am there I can arrange for in-home help as I am sure they don't want me breathing down their necks 24/7.  Not even sure if they can stay in their own home for much longer, so everything is a big unknown and I am pretty much in limbo.

So I am focusing on downsizing to fit in my van!  Most of the furniture has been sold (quickly and easily, thankfully), I have had a garage sale and sold a bunch of smaller items.  I am presently going through my clothes to sort into every day clothes to keep, work clothes to keep (hopefully I can get a part time job while I am with my parents), out of season clothes to keep and things to donate.  I have also sorted through my linen and most of the kitchen items and am giving them to a friend who is also out of work but has been able to get short term tenants through airbnb so these will help her financially so she doesn't have to buy more sheets, towels etc.

It feels very strange to go from being a grown up lady with a household (just me, no SO or kids) to fitting my life in a van.  When my parents are gone or not in their house any more, I will permanently on the road.

RE: Downsizing! - GypsySpirit - 12-11-2017

Hang in there, it will all come together. I'm 19 days and counting 'til I hit the road and so much left to do.

RE: Downsizing! - StealthNinja - 12-12-2017

19 days! How exciting! Will you be full time in your rig? What are you doing with all your stuff?

RE: Downsizing! - GypsySpirit - 12-12-2017

I will be full time. I've sold, donated or given away a lot of stuff, a few pieces I am putting into storage. I've given myself six months to figure out if this is really the right thing for me. If it is, I'll clean out the storage unit. If it isn't, then I've got a bed and dishes and a tv to start over with. I also sent a lot of stuff to the local auction house. I didn't get as much for them as I would have liked, but I'm just not inclined to do another yard sale and it all would have been donated anyway.