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Free T-Shirt Design - Confetti - 12-31-2017

If you'd like a t shirt custom designed for yourself, your YouTube channel, website or business, I'd be happy to do that for you. The design is free, there is no charge. 

I design it to your specifications, put it up on Amazon, you order it from them and pay them, Amazon prints it and ships it to you.

I design t-shirts for Amazon. I'll be at the RTR, so we can meet up there. We can sit together and design your shirt, then submit the design right then. It will be ready to be ordered in a few hours! I like fast and easy! 

Look for me and my old little travel trailer at the RTR. Also I'm dragged around by one or two small black dogs (poodle and yorkipoo).

RE: Free T-Shirt Design - Florida boondocker - 12-31-2017

is there a min order? price?

THANKS for the offer

RE: Free T-Shirt Design - Confetti - 12-31-2017

Hi Florida boondocker,
There's no minimum order. You can order just one shirt if you like! Any color. Any size.
Shirt price is $17.95.

Amazon has certain guidelines that must be followed. No profanity, no violence, no trademark or copyright infringements on text or images. No problem! Common sense stuff.

Thanks for your interest. I can work with you online or in person.

RE: Free T-Shirt Design - yoshiloli - 01-15-2019

Good offer, I'm seriously order two. For me and my girlfriend. Smile Smile