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Paint insulation - Minqua - 02-18-2018

Has anyone ever tried the thermal paint that is supposed to reflect heat back out? They use it for roofs and stuff.

RE: Paint insulation - Chuck1 - 02-18-2018

No haven't tried it, looks to be hype when logic is used, 1/4 inch of foam would do more.

RE: Paint insulation - gsfish - 02-18-2018

Here are a couple previous threads on the subject...


RE: Paint insulation - Minqua - 02-19-2018

(02-18-2018, 10:41 PM)gsfish Wrote:  Here are a couple previous threads on the subject...


Ya ive read its more hype than

anything. Imthinking im going to use Frost King rolls but mainly for the sound deadining aspect. And install a roof vent for summer heat. It already has a hole cut out on the floor. The roof is fibreglass so im assuming that will help allot for heat.

Paint insulation - John61CT - 02-19-2018

"Insulating" paint is not effective in slowing down conduction heat gains or losses.

But the white reflective stuff designed for RVs and school buses can make a big difference preventing radiant heat gain.

RE: Paint insulation - Weight - 02-20-2018

I used white paint on my roof. That by itself made a big difference in heat from the sun. Not much help with insulation.

Paint insulation - John61CT - 02-20-2018

Apparently Henry 887 is good stuff

RE: Paint insulation - Minqua - 02-21-2018

I think imgoing to buy frost king insulation and put it on the floor and sides and get some thick rubber floor matting to lay down. Probally wont put anything up under the roof since its already fiberglass so its already an insulator.

RE: Paint insulation - Minqua - 02-21-2018

Imtrying to post pics of the van but it says the picture sizes are to larg. So not sure how to downsize them to post them. Sorry

RE: Paint insulation - Minqua - 02-21-2018

Here it is