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US Public Lands website - VernContra - 05-19-2018

I'm having trouble getting anything to come up on the website.  I'm signed in and picked AZ to look at, but it just keeps giving the message "Loading Maps".
Anyone help me?

RE: US Public Lands website - Wabbit - 05-19-2018

Hi VernContra and welcome. I am getting the same result as you. Nothing loads, just map loading. However I am on a 3g connection that is really poor where I am at now. Hopefully someone with a decent connection will check out that site.

I had to use

RE: US Public Lands website - highdesertranger - 05-19-2018

I use "My Land Matters", but they all have been having troubles lately because the BLM data base has been going off line then it comes back then it goes off line again. BLM has reported they are trying to fix the intermittent service. since all these public land site use the data from BLM, until the glitch is fixed service will probably be intermittent. highdesertranger

RE: US Public Lands website - Wabbit - 05-19-2018

Thnx for the info HDR!

RE: US Public Lands website - DLTooley - 05-20-2018

A site like this will have a relatively heavy server load generating the maps. Seasonal use of this increasingly popular site is likely a factor. I've had the same problem as well within the last week.