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Spots in Flagstaff.... - toilfreelife - 05-23-2018

Like some insight into cooler places around Flagstaff to stealth camp. 

I Know they don't allow vehicle camping, but that's every place in america, just about, now. I don't answer the door when the knock comes, usually vandalizing my van into ad nauseum over the years with dings. They always just end up tiring and going away.   

Takes some guts to just remain silent and ignore them, but am done with being subjected to their sickening browbeating and indignant behavior toward me when I did open.  It's a choice everyone of us has to make and where we come from inside about this issue. 

Sorry to be negative but the truth regarding this kind of thing is so unbearably loud and obnoxiously disgusting I just can't ignore the pink elephant in the room anymore vis-a-vis the inhumanity of this overall society regarding certain people just trying to stay alive.

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - lenny flank - 05-23-2018

If you get knocks that often, then you may need to work on your stealth skills a bit more.

Spots in Flagstaff.... - John61CT - 05-24-2018

Law of Attraction at play.

Don't assume malicious intent, accept we all have things to learn from each other and assume even if others are critical, it's coming from a desire to help.

Many people vehicle camp in cities and rarely if ever are disturbed.

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - Minivanmotoman - 05-24-2018

Camping in Coconino Forest which is approx. 5 miles into town, very reasonable distance. A1 mountain road, Walnut Canyon, Marshall lake, are three areas with dispersed camping. There are others as well.
This avoids the knock and gets you 14 days of peace at which time you move 25 miles after picking up fresh supplies.
That is the only way to avoid the knock, issues, etc...
And keep a clean rig and camp.

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - lenny flank - 05-25-2018

(05-24-2018, 06:27 PM)John61CT Wrote:  Many people vehicle camp in cities and rarely if ever are disturbed.

In three years of urban camping I have had one cop knock, and that was friendly (someone had reported "someone breaking into a car" and the cops were checking if I was OK.)

If someone is getting lots of knocks, it means they are attracting attention to themselves......

Spots in Flagstaff.... - John61CT - 05-25-2018

By definition, yes, but may not be vehicle presentation.

Could be either choosing inappropriate spots, not following standard procedure / timing guidelines, or just tightly enforced jurisdictions.

I'm waiting to hear of places deploying live FLIR thermal imaging in police cruisers, always on at night as they drive around.

Or even bounty hunting programs.

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - Spaceman Spiff - 05-25-2018

(05-25-2018, 08:54 AM)John61CT Wrote:  . . . 
I'm waiting to hear of places deploying live FLIR thermal imaging in police cruisers, always on at night as they drive around . . .
Or even bounty hunting programs.

Unless there is some other more critical use, I don't see FLIR being the 'go to' solution.  NO PARKING signs are cheap relative to FLIR.

I'm interested to know what you mean by 'bounty hunting programs'.

Spots in Flagstaff.... - John61CT - 05-25-2018

I'm talking about places really cracking down in the future, on people violating the local "no sleeping in vehicles" ordinances, regardless of signage.

As you drive down a street at 3am, thermal imaging would easily show them. Just like automatic plate scanners now in use, records time & location in motion or parked, beeps at any flagged numbers for stolen cars / repo targets etc.

Could easily be done with stationary cams too, getting very common, now also with face recognition and AI-driven predictive "Minority Report" pre-crime policing.

Bounty hunting: jurisdiction pays a cash reward for informants calling in violator locations. Equipment needed as above will be cheap enough pro's could make a living doing it systematically.

See current news about high school kids making hundreds of dollars after school retrieving those shared bird scooters.

Fines enforced by parking boots or towing would make such systems profitable to the jurisdiction not a cost center.

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - toilfreelife - 05-25-2018

(05-24-2018, 08:12 PM)Minivanmotoman Wrote:  And keep a clean rig and camp.

Thank u for that, great resource. And sometime it's just the right thing to park around town (exhausted,etc.) So, like I said, I never answer the door, and they go away within 5 minutes. Don't have to deal with their nonsense or browbeating. It has worked for years. Ty again, Rich

ps, by the way, are you in that area for the next few months?

RE: Spots in Flagstaff.... - lenny flank - 05-25-2018

About the FLIR thingie---really, I just don't think we're that much of a priority for them. They have lots better things to do with their time.