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Seems to extend ice in cooler - AreWeLostYet - 06-30-2018

I have an inexpensive 30 qt cooler chest by igloo that usually preserves 20 lbs ice for two, maybe 2 1/2 days in hot weather. I'm not at day 3 1/2 and have enough ice to ice my tea. What I've been doing different is I put one of those Reflectics windshield covers over the cooler and try and keep it out of direct sunlight. I think most of ice's cold is lost through the sides - sun heating the sides or or just ambient temperature and radiating into where the ice is. So anything you can do to reduce this will extend ice. I suspect that the more water is in with the ice, the faster this heat transfer takes place. Just as heat works as a heat transfer medium in a car engine.

RE: Seems to extend ice in cooler - Weight - 06-30-2018

Yes. Ice is all about insulation.

RE: Seems to extend ice in cooler - AreWeLostYet - 06-30-2018

Yes but insulation is usually talked about in terms of ambient outside temperature, seldome a mention about the radiant heat from solar exposure. The Reflectix adds a layer outside the main insulation which reflects some of the solar radiant heat. I haven't seen an ice cooler with a feature that reflects solar radiant heat.

But shurnuf. When I googled, someone made one:

RE: Seems to extend ice in cooler - rm.w/aview - 06-30-2018

here's anudder homemade model

Seems to extend ice in cooler - Beeps and eats - 07-01-2018

I would imagine that the more insulation you have the cooler, the cooler.1" high density foam board covered in reflectex would be like doubling up your insulative values.

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RE: Seems to extend ice in cooler - QinReno - 07-01-2018

They now have those softsided coolers, which alone probably aren't all that good. I have a much smaller hardsided cooler, and what I did was to find a softsided one that it would fit into. The combination seems to work pretty well. I put ice in both parts, and put things like tomatoes and beverages in the outer section, and meat and cheese in the inner section.

RE: Seems to extend ice in cooler - Dingfelder - 07-03-2018

Definitely water will make the ice warm up faster, because water transfers heat more quickly than air.

I like your basic idea there. I think Bob has a number of videos showing people with their fridge and cooler systems, and lots of them say they get huge value out of further insulating their coolers. Bob agrees too.