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A little investment fun - IGBT - 07-01-2018

A couple of days ago I decided to try out RobinHood to see if it would actually be any good.

I had heard some things about it but figured it had to be pretty slow or some catch, since it is supposed to be commission free trading.

I figured what the heck and started the account with an invite from a random forum member on another board.   It said both you and they get a free share of stock (could be Apple!) when using the link, so why not?

I funded it with $2500 and received a share of.....drum roll....ZNGA, worth a whopping $4.06 lol.

So now my account had $2504.06 in it.

I then placed a few trades, which were indeed free and executed fast and at the bid/ask price I wanted.  I even did a few option trades to try them out.   The interface is a lil bit can't seem to do option trades on the web browser but have to use the phone app for those.  This is probably not an issue for most people, as most people (wisely) avoid option trading.

Anyway, it works and it is kind of fun.  I love being able to buy 5 or 10 shares of something and not pay $3 to $10 in commission on the trade.

My account has grown in 2 days from $2500 to about $2670, so not bad.   I am hoping to grow it to $250,000 over a 10 year period, which is a rather ambitious goal but *only* requires a annual compounded return of 60%  Tongue

If any of you want to try it, here is my invite link so we each get a free share of stock (hopefully not ZNGA):

Here is a screenshot of my current portfolio, which includes a biotech play Geron that I think will go from $3 to $5 over the next few months.  I will update this thread now and then to let you see how things go, even if they go poorly.


RE: A little investment fun - Van-Tramp - 07-01-2018

I tried Robinhood last year but just couldn't stay interested in the stock market, mainly due to the low amount I could invest (under $1000). I know it is totally do-able with that amount, just wasn't giving me any excitement. Maybe this year I can consider more and give it another go.

Good luck!

RE: A little investment fun - gojo - 07-09-2018

It should be great with penny stocks, make a few pennies here and there, where you can't do it on regular commission. That shouldn't be too bored.

Could be good for Stocks Options, being that you pay regular commission and the active rate per contract.

I'll check it out...…………………...Good luck...

RE: A little investment fun - IGBT - 07-10-2018

A few days later, a little update.   I bought and sold Merck and Geron a few times.  Got a couple of free stocks (thanks, hope you got something good too!

Increased the account to $2916, which is a $400 gain not counting the $16 in free stocks.

$400 gain in a couple of weeks on $2500 isn't horrible...that is a 16% return.  If you annualized that (assuming you could keep up the 16% return every two weeks) it would be a yearly return of 4000% (that probably isn't going to happen...I am shooting for 60% a year which will actually give me $250,000 in 10 years...compounding rocks!)


RE: A little investment fun - Weight - 07-11-2018

Some body has to pay the fees. trading on stock markets are never free. the fee is just well hidden, or this becomes a scam. I will stick with Fidelity.

RE: A little investment fun - IGBT - 08-28-2018

Ok, so here is my update.  I have mostly been trading in Merck and Geron.  Geron recently spiked from the high $3 area to low $5 area when J&J made a job posting in Europe for a position marketing the drug that Geron and J&J are collaborating on.  This caused the stock to go haywire on speculation of a early approval in Europe or at least that J&J will continue the partnership.  $6 to $10 is a reasonable expectation on continuation of partnership.

So I have about $3640 in the account now, or a $1140 gain on the initial $2500.  That is a gain of over 45%!

Remember, to reach $250,000 in 10 years from an initial start of $2500, you "only" need a 60% gain each year.  :-)


RE: A little investment fun - tx2sturgis - 08-28-2018

Short term capital gains have a high tax rate. Yuk.


RE: A little investment fun - IGBT - 08-28-2018

Yeah I would rather pay short term cap gains on a 45% return than long term cap gains on a 4% return (about what the stock market has done YTD)


RE: A little investment fun - tx2sturgis - 08-28-2018

Yeah good point...


But, sometimes in later years a persons income level has dropped, (not always of course) and the tax bite can be a LOT smaller.

RE: A little investment fun - WanderingCanuck - 08-28-2018

Let us know when you take the money out and have it somewhere else. Until then I'm not buying it (literally).

If this were for real and a reliable way to make money, everyone would be doing it. Shortly thereafter (if it isn't already) the government would tax the hell out of it and then no one would do it anymore.