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Bank Account drained - DesertRose - 07-06-2018

Anyone else have this problem on the road? Used my card many times since April 17th before landing where I am now.

My bank account was drained 12 days before payday on June 23. I had to beg, scream, wail and demand that the bank to replace the money that was in there. Then I had to call after gathering groceries and get them to unblock the card, make the purchase and then they blocked the card again.

A security expert told me the latest tech is the criminals run a counter. When the counter hits the exact amount of your balance, a light or bell goes off, they push a button and your balance goes to zero. Mine was listed as a transaction at Nordstrom in Glendale, California. I was told this is bogus too. Nordstrom never saw the money.

That wasn't the only problem. My bank created even more of a major clusterf--- for me when two different employees lied and said:

1. They changed the address of my physical address and PO Box (they didn't).

2. They can't mail a new card to a PO Box (they can).

3. They mailed my new card to my old address 900 miles away.

4. They said I called too many times (this was the 4th call to inform them they sent the card to the wrong address). Their system locked me out, even though I identified myself SEVEN different ways. When I filed a formal complaint, the woman said "they didn't ask you for your online banking ID, that would have worked." I think not.

5. They told me I would have to drive 95 miles each way to the nearest branch to solve the issue in person (that's with no money and no gas to get there until 12 days after it happened).

Oh and this happened on a Saturday. My bank's Fraud Dept, a major banking institution, is closed on weekends.

Furthermore, I have gotten 3 notices from the USPS that they are forwarding the replacement card. It hasn't arrived in two weeks, but they keep sending me notices that it is on its way (it's been blocked and I'm waiting for the new one at my correct address - crossing fingers).

It was hell, but it's over now. I've been thinking about alternatives to plastic. Haven't decided yet. Need more info. The grocery clerk told me she's had a problem and now uses WalMart Pay.

In the meantime, I am requesting that the bank reimburse me the $40 it cost in gas to travel to their brick and mortar.

RE: Bank Account drained - B and C - 07-06-2018

I always use credit, not debit. You are protected against fraud on your cards this way (unless debit has changed). Just pay the bill at the end of the month. Keep your receipts so you know how much you spent.

RE: Bank Account drained - DesertRose - 07-06-2018

I always use credit as well. The policy regarding debit cards has changed. You are protected as long as you catch it soon enough (within the time limit required by each institution). I know how much I spend because I check online frequently. All purchases are listed there.

RE: Bank Account drained - saratrippy - 07-06-2018

I also use credit cards instead of debit cards. I have my cards hooked up so that I get a text notification if any unusual purchases occur. I try to glance at the list of expenses through the mobile app at least once every few days (only takes a minute).

RE: Bank Account drained - DesertRose - 07-06-2018

That's another way my bank fell down on the job. Even though I am signed up for alerts, I did not receive an alert on the fraud/theft item. When I said I wanted to close my account, they convinced me to stay. If it happens again, I'm gone.

RE: Bank Account drained - Canine - 07-06-2018

This is why I use a Credit Union. They aren't nationwide, but should something happen, you will get good customer service. When I call them a person is on the other end.

I also get a type of LifeLock insurance from my credit union at $5.00 a month. It's not a low-rent version of LifeLock; it has all the bells and whistles. I was a victim of identity theft and they made the process soooo much less painful. In 6 months everything was straightened out without me having to fuss and argue with a number of bureaucratic people. I wasn't victimized a second time by a bank, a credit card company, the IRS, or any such thing. Mostly what I was expected to contribute patience while it got sorted out. I was patient and it got sorted out. Happy times now.

RE: Bank Account drained - DesertRose - 07-06-2018

I cannot use a credit union. My credit was ruined by 3 hospitalizations and 2 major surgeries in 2011. My share of the bills was 20% of tens of thousands of dollars. Consulted an attorney who told me not to pay it because hospitals write it off.

My ex husband paid for several years on his 2 heart surgeries. The hospital changed ownership, they called in the remaining debt, he said he couldn't pay it and would continue paying the $200/mo. They sent him to collection and damaged his credit. After he paid for several years faithfully, $200/mo. That is why attorneys tell people not to pay those bills.

My computer guy who is a former military IT/Systems/Security expert, told me there is nothing we can do about cyber theft except use things like LifeLock and Credit Karma (he and his wife use Credit Karma).

RE: Bank Account drained - Canine - 07-06-2018

Not having good credit in this day and age is a bummer to say the least. Sometimes it isn't your fault- things happen. But that doesn't mean much when speaking to banks. I had bad credit at one time through almost no fault of my own and all I ever heard was, "Sorry. Them's the rules."

I have a friend that uses a WalMart debit card and she likes it. It seems to work well for her. She hasn't had a problem loading money on the card and can use the money right away. You don't need to go to the service center to load it; it can be loaded in a check out lane. It's appears to be a good option for anyone with bad credit or good credit.

RE: Bank Account drained - DesertRose - 07-06-2018

That is exactly right: "through no fault of 'my' own." Thousands, maybe even millions of people are experiencing this issue and it isn't fair. At all.

The cashier at WalMart who helped me when the bank unblocked my card and then reblocked it once the purchase was made told me she now uses the WalMart card and it's worked well for her.

Bank Account drained - John61CT - 07-06-2018

Wow, what a nightmare! so sorry for your troubles

I use, an AMEX prepaid, like Walmart Bluebird, costs $1/mo but they waive it if you're active.

Can fund via cash for free at Walmarts or any CVS, also via debit card instant transfer.

Not free for withdrawing cash though, I use as plastic and online, good anywhere AMEX accepted.

Can have three sub accounts, all four get a separate card, and instant transfer between them, so spread the risk.

That last is key, not saying put all your eggs into Serve, spread it around so when (not if) stuff happens you have a backup.