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The Girls Room is for Women Only - akrvbob - 01-02-2013

<span id="post_message_1276297506">After a period of debate, we have decided to keep <strong>The Girls Room</strong> sub-forum as women only. My reasoning is simple, it's easy for me to see how people will be helped by a women's-only forum and hard for me to see who will be hurt. That's a formula I really like. <br><br>Who Will be Helped:<br>There are women who have had such bad experiences with men that they are scared and uncomfortable with them. I want to be sure they have a safe place here. Beyond that there are many issues that women would rather address in private and don't need men butting in.<br><br>Who Will Be Hurt:<br>Nobody that I can see. How is any male member of this forum directly hurt by not being allowed to comment on women's issues? The only harm done is to our ego and concepts of justice and fairness. Frankly, I don't care about egos or concepts, I care about helping people. This forum exists to help people, not to protect Truth, Justice and the American Way. If someone is more concerned with concepts and their ego instead of helping people, this simply is not the place for them.<br><br>I've known women forced into living in their cars and they are terrified and alone. The next step for them is a bag lady pushing a cart.&nbsp; I care about them and when they reach out to us for help, they are all that counts. Compared to their needs, male egos and the slippery slope of perceived discrimination pales into nothingness. That's the heart of this forum and it always will be. We have one goal here, to help people live their best lives. <br><br>I totally respect that many people don't see things this way. Ideas are important and I fully understand if you have to follow your principles.&nbsp; But this is the way this forum works and I ask that you either respect it and cooperate with us or find a forum more to your liking. If you can't find a forum to your liking and want to start your own, we will support you in any way we can.<br>Bob, Co-Owner of the forum.</span>

akrvbob - cyndi - 01-02-2013

Thanks, Bob! Your&nbsp;explanation really makes this easy to understand and accept.&nbsp;

akrvbob - Where~the~wind~blows - 01-02-2013

Yes it does, thank you!

akrvbob - mockturtle - 01-02-2013

Yes, thank you, Bob! <img rel="lightbox" src="/images/boards/smilies/smile.gif" class="bbc_img">

akrvbob - gp - 01-02-2013

Wow, what a guy!! Thanks, Bob!&nbsp; I love your heart!!

akrvbob - yesican - 01-03-2013

Thanks Bob.&nbsp; Well put....means a lot!<br><br>Rae

akrvbob - Sunny1 - 01-03-2013

Bob, one of the reasons I started lurking here is that it is always in the back of my mind that if my husband died, or I got hit with a slew of medical bills, if inflation skyrockets, or any number of other unexpected circumstances hit, I would probably end up living on the road.&nbsp; Before I found this forum, I would have been totally unprepared.&nbsp; I would have felt overwhelmed, terrified for my safety, depressed, and very homeless.&nbsp; I probably wouldn't have lasted long.<br><br>This forum has shown me that I could make it.&nbsp; And a big part of it is knowing that there are women on this board who are doing it, and I could send out an emergency post asking what they would do in situations and know that someone who understood my predicament and had been there would post advice I could count on.<br><br>I am not one of those who don't like men.&nbsp; I really do enjoy their company and I'd hate to be without their friendship, their advice, and their help.&nbsp; But we do think differently, especially in safety and emotional issues.<br><br>I hope I never am in a situation where a women's room would ever make a difference in who posts and who doesn't.&nbsp; But I can see situations where it would make a HUGE difference.<br><br>As always, thank you for caring about the actual life of van dwellers over all the peripheral issues.

akrvbob - havingfunnow - 01-03-2013

Bob, you are a brilliant human being! I love your priorities -- helping people over abstractions. Thank you!

akrvbob - blueberry - 01-03-2013

Bob, every time you post in the forum or on your blog, I am more blown away by your wisdom and lovingkindness. Thank you.

akrvbob - VanGirl - 01-12-2013

Thank you so... much Bob