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RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 03-16-2019

Same here in my part of Missouri finishing up work on the neighbors winabego

RE: Good morning - bigskybob - 03-16-2019

Dean,I thought you were broke down.What are you doing working on a Winnebego?If you are looking for work,come on down.I've got a garden to put in,a boat house to build and some other projects to complete before I hit the road in May.The pay ain't much,but you get all the possum you can eat.

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 03-17-2019

HAPPY st Patrick's day dwellers enjoy the day

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 03-18-2019

Good morning to all dwellers have a great day working in a neighbors r.v oh fun repareing burned out lights on the back of the coach

RE: Good morning - B and C - 03-18-2019

Good morning. Repairing electrical ain't fun. Keep moving Dean, it keeps you young (or so I've heard) :-)

RE: Good morning - Wabbit - 03-18-2019

G'morning! Beautiful morning here in Quartzsite. Woke up with a pep in my step and feels like a great day. Hope everyone is feeling great!

RE: Good morning - crofter - 03-18-2019

51 degrees and sunny here - time to wash the van!     ~crofter

RE: Good morning - Kaylee - 03-18-2019

Right now, in northwest WI (near Eau Claire), it's 37F outside, and inside it's 70F and rising (thanks to bright sun & van nose pointing straight at it, no reflectix deployed).
Overnight inside low was 29F, which was a near delight after so many single digit and lower nights. Smile

I'm stuck here for a bit, waiting for a "universal" laptop car charger adapter. Sad
It's too esoteric for brick & mortar stores, or even for Amazon itself (it's from one of their Sellers). Had ordered it two months ago (before The BreakDown) for General Delivery, called & explained would be very late, found out Friday the PO had sent it back Tuesday, so had to reorder from scratch. Grrr!Argh!
I've got 200 Watts of solar panels, but have yet to be able to use them for my laptop (granted, my LED light, ancient tablet, and portable DVD player all can recharge from them (infinite Firefly FTW)).

So, Dean, I'm still a member of The Waiting Sucks Club (TWSC?), of which you are the current Acting President. Smile
May all current and future members have as short a wait as practical!

Shall we play a (new) game?!?
It's called "It could be worse"...

It could be winter. Spring Is Coming! Big Grin
I have Chocolate. Big Grin

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 03-18-2019

Got most of the light's replaced changed them to leds.  The original lights were dry rotted and not working

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 03-19-2019

Good morning good day dwellers  have a great day going to the doctors today to have my pacemaker defibrillator adjusted another step to freedom in October.