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RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 06-25-2019

cool on unloading extra gear.

simple day, play catch up at the house when back from vacay

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 06-25-2019

To much for me to handle all's I need to survive is food water and shelter and clothes

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 06-25-2019

I hear ya. I am a strict minimalist type and anything extra gets on my last nerve. I want very little to roll with out on the road. Less is better cause gadgets and stuff require time, money and fixin' and I ain't got it in me to bother anymore.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 06-25-2019

Good morning. I have way to much stuff in my van but I like to think I am prepared. I used to be a Boy Scout. I go by the axiom that I would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I also like stuff that has more than one use.

RE: Good morning - bullfrog - 06-25-2019

For me it is tools that are just so hard to give up but the truth of the matter is my leatherman is what usually gets used even though I get pinched and cut now and then and the Philips screwdriver is soft and worn out. I'm getting so old and lazy I don't want to lift out the box and then have to reorganize the tools when done to get them to fit back in!

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 06-25-2019

All good things to have in mind as I contemplate how to pack things into my van this week. But today, it is still floor building. The wood is ready to be installed and we're doing it this morning, at 10am Pacific Time! Or at least, starting around then. Wood, insulation, the plywood, screw it in place, and I should have a floor. Everything is ready to go.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 06-25-2019

I don't carry the tools so much for me to use anymore. I will use them if I have to though.

I carry a Leatherman Squirt and find the phillips head has held up well. I like the #0 size and it fits #2 phillips well too.

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 06-25-2019

carry basics need to survive in the tool world but one thing is I am mostly never 'that far from help' just someone, somehow is gonna save me in that extra tool land I might need. If not limp along til I get ok Smile, heck I eventually get ok, might take a lot of time but time I do have to handle troubles.

TA, I thought that floor was one and over and drying from whitewashing etc?

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 06-26-2019

I'll have coffee please ok hi dwellers

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 06-26-2019

having my morning beef broth to sip nice and hot Smile
despise coffee, ut oh, don't ya'll yet at me for hating coffee!

easy day of this and that
waiting for delivery for new bed for kid's room

other than that, relaxing a bit.