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RE: Good morning - B and C - 08-19-2019

Being bored is not of my choosing. I would much rather be sweating my A** off working on the van (and I don't like to sweat) so I could leave again. It has been sitting long enough to need some real TLC. Being stuck is no picnic.

RE: Good morning - bullfrog - 08-19-2019

My big "problem" is when it cools off enough to work is the best time to go fishing which is after all my number one priority! Best wishes Brian, maybe we can go fishing one day.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 08-19-2019

Of course I do love to read so that means I rarely get bored.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 08-19-2019

(08-19-2019, 12:06 PM)bullfrog Wrote:  ...maybe we can go fishing one day.

When I get out and about I would love to head up your way and wet a line.  Riding the ferry over is the way I want to get there.

My memory won't let me enjoy a book when I have to keep rereading the same thing because I had to put it down. When traveling I do like a good audio book.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 08-19-2019

I guess you will just have to figure out something to do that you have the capacity to do before you go round the bend with boredom. That activity should in itself relieve some of the boredom.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 08-19-2019

What I do is surf the net mostly. Go off on tangents as they come up. Mess with my computers here some. I am going to try to take a dip in the pool before she gets up. Haven't quite figured out the logistics though. There is no way she can be let in the pool.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 08-19-2019

Hi... just got back from the river and am about to watch a video, then work on organizing my mess so I can move out of this apartment. I have a friend coming tomorrow morning so I need to do a lot of organizing tonight. Maybe we'll make some progress!! Spent the night at Walmart last night (again) . . . hope I'm not wearing out my welcome there. Not sure where I'll sleep tonight... somewhere in the van.

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 08-20-2019

Good morning ? dwellers going to be a steamy day and hot day of those days I feel icky hate those days

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 08-20-2019

Steamy day here also Dean. big storm came thru last night and the humidity now is horrible.

B and do whatever ya can to cut the boredom.....hit that pool before she wakes and do whatever ya can when ya can is all you can do right now and come on here and tell us how you are doing Smile

sounding super busy maki...that is a good thing Smile

TA sounds like you are doing well, organizing and then getting rid of some stuff. let it all go Smile Smile Walmart loves ya, enjoy your night!!

good morning all
easy day here
taking mom home later, she is doing well and wants home so we had a good visit and all cool
sunny nice day but icky sweaty out there, might work on pool later when home

next 6 days is then all about getting school clothes, shoes, haircuts, school supplies etc for back to school for kid starting high school this year Smile

RE: Good morning - HalfShadows - 08-20-2019

Good morning all.  Today is go to town for dentist appointment, and run a few errands.  My COBRA runs out at the end of November so I am taking care of medical and dental needs. Tomorrow I drive to Seattle to see a specialist. I hate driving to Seattle. Even off peak traffic times makes me shudder. The good thing is I should be able to hit the road by October 1st. Fingers Crossed.