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RE: Good morning - HalfShadows - 09-19-2019

Good morning all! Kind of a hum drum day. Going out to my rig and watch a All Creatures Great and Small episode.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 09-19-2019

I worked for 5 days straight for Ike. Telecommunication tech for the power company. I didn't get to leave ECDC (energy control and data center) at all. I think tropical storm Allison was our worst water event.

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 09-19-2019

(09-19-2019, 03:47 PM)B and C Wrote:  I worked for 5 days straight for Ike.  Telecommunication tech for the power company.  I didn't get to leave ECDC (energy control and data center) at all.  I think tropical storm Allison was our worst water event.
I was wondering how you were doing. Just watched the recent WC blurb.  Stay safe, you and yours.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 09-19-2019

OK, rain has let up. Started Tuesday afternoon and stopped Thursday afternoon (more to come). Eighteen inch total for here. East of us in Winnie I heard 48". The west side of town got spared the worst of it. I am NE of Houston near the lake.

RE: Good morning - Weldman - 09-19-2019

(09-19-2019, 06:22 PM)B and C Wrote:  OK, rain has let up.  Started Tuesday afternoon and stopped Thursday afternoon (more to come).  Eighteen inch total for here.  East of us in Winnie I heard 48".  The west side of town got spared the worst of it.  I am NE of Houston near the lake.
Actually here is a list...

Ike didn’t make the list, guess since it had a Cat 5 storm surge is what cause it to put water over rooftops up to interstate 10 in some places.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 09-19-2019

Catching up after a few days. Morning is a state of mind.

Maki - so sorry you were injured! I am also delayed in my Northwest exodus, but mainly because of the burden of excessive possessions and no way to move them.

Roamer ... it is cold here. Heading south is a good idea. It is the kind of cold where you don't want to get out of bed in the morning if you don't have a heater, and nearly enough to make me want to run to Walmart for a Buddy Heater despite all the things I've written here about not wanting to carry propane.

Dean, you and Maki just have to stop falling. That's so not right.

MaTaLa - I look forward to the day I can get an annual NM pass and spend time at the campgrounds there. Is Phoenix a good place to get a storage space? If I can't get rid of more of this stuff I will consider storage an option. I'm thinking about Reno, really. If I don't get that cargo trailer pretty soon, the stuff will have to go into storage, for now, here in North Idaho.

Brian, sounds like a South Texas monsoon there. 18 inches? Wow. I have a friend in a town north of Houston who I plan to visit this winter, if I should be so lucky as to get that far east. I think she's in some place called Point and Shoot. Great Texas town name. Good to hear you got to work for five days. Hidden benefits to tropical storms.

Weldman - I agree, the rain cleans the world. [I usually say that rain is God's way of cleaning the world, but am trying to keep this secular.]

HalfShadows - I daydream about the day I can say it is hum drum and go watch TV in the comfort of my rig.

Okay - good to hear you're all carrying on. I'm working on the ridiculous pile of possessions still. Today Jolynn who got the HOWA van came by to help. She cleaned  the stove and cupboards in my kitchen. Said she'd be back every day this week to help me get out of the apartment. I feel blessed. She's a very nice woman and I'm glad she got the van which I know she very much needed.

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 09-20-2019

TA that kind of cold isn't good Smile the buddy heater is sounding nice if you are saying you are getting that cold.....our mornings finally dropped a lot chillier now...which is nice but not as tough as you are describing. South is easier on the old bones for sure in winter time! It is wonderful for the kind help you are getting!

B and everyone stayed safe.
We haven't had rain in SO long we are begging for it now but sure don't want what you had come down on you!

good morning all
SOS day here
mornings are chilly now
still temps go up pretty high into the mid 80s but it isn't that hot hot kinda day, that chilly undertone is there, seasons are starting to shift

not doing much. take life easy, I always like that Smile

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 09-20-2019

Happy Friday all Smile

My first time getting to post here, as I am now a van owner and did my first overnight (in my yard, but eh, it counts, right?)

49 degrees overnight with a balmy 55 in the van - perfect sleeping weather.

Today I continue working in the van, testing solar usage (got close to the edge overnight so good thing I'm near power, hah!)
I work full-time, so on my lunch have to run down and register the van, then immediately after work need to go get new keys. The ones that came with the van do not work to start it for me (apparently I can't jiggle the key correctly). Had to try three dealearships to find key blanks, due to the strike. Definitely going to run out there and get them before that drags on any longer. May camp overnight Saturday night, but all the campgrounds have gone up around here and I'm not ready to boondock yet Smile

RE: Good morning - B and C - 09-20-2019

Good morning. Cut and Shoot, Texas is what you were reaching for TA. Only about 35 miles from here.

The bad news with droughts is they usually end in a flood it seems, at least here. I've been saying we needed rain.

Have a great day everyone.

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 09-20-2019

SE, so cool you are doing the 'test the bugs' out of the system....darn right it all counts as van dwelling if you are in that van Smile  and pay for the CG cause a campground can help you work out more bugs...but you are right, private cgs are increasing costs, no doubt about that, they have to live also...….so IF you have any state parks around, or COEs or national forest in the area they will save you some bucks vs. private.

go for it!

Guy you got the 2K.....heehee…..very cool!

B and C, you saying ya need rain, I know you didn't do it tho Smile Smile  you a rainmaker?  wow......