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RE: Good morning - bullfrog - 10-22-2019

Sounds like a great friend to have and a good place to be, travel safe when you do get ready!

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 10-23-2019

(10-22-2019, 07:59 PM)Cammalu Wrote:  Maki do you have to complete your build before you go?  Why not just take your stuff and hit the van build?  Shoot lots of people throw in a cot and cooler and away they go!! 

Come on down for the winter and look me up!  I’ll take you out in the desert on my puttputt to see the cool sites!
I appreciate the thought and if I was truly in crisis I would do something such as that.

As to going to the van build. I would be keeping someone who does not have the skills, tools or a place to work from getting help there if they were helping me.

I have the skills, I have the tools, I have a place to do the work and I have a helper who pitches in with things it takes 2 people to do. I just need to be patient for another 2 months while my hand to heals and then I will be able to get it finished. But in the meantime I do have quite a lot of task I should be able to begin tackling this next week. Lots of fiddly bits to do.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 10-23-2019

I would love to go out on put puts. Thanks for the offer.

Going off road might not work out too great for me. I am not allowed to do any impact activities. What a wuss that back injury when I was 35 made of me.

Good morning - Cammalu - 10-23-2019

Maki I don’t get it but the puttputt actually helps my back. Maybe the constant rocking or something? I had to learn to relax the muscles back there instead of tensing up when I would see a bump or something. I was sore for a couple of days at first but then started to feel better. My back really sucks but the puttputt is ok.

It only goes as fast as you want it to anyway and most of the trails are pretty good.

There are cool old things out in the desert. Old mines, petroglyphs and just pretty areas that are nice to look at. I stay busy with my rock and quilt club but still try to take every new person in camp at least out to a nearby petroglyph and cave.

Anyone else want to go out I will take you if you will be anywhere in the Quartzsite area. I can find you. I stay busy but I will make time.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 10-23-2019

I definitly plan on visiting the YARC camp sometimes this winter of 2020. It will be easy to spot me when I do show up, I am not driving around in a plain white wrapper and am not in the least stealthy Wink

Bright red with black trim car and trailer matching that color scheme. it won't be hard to spot.

Good morning - Cammalu - 10-23-2019

It will be great to see you.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 10-24-2019

Hello and good morning.. waking up in Happy Camp again. I have to admit this place gives me a sense of euphoria once I get through the cold morning hours.

Yesterday I took a walk up the steepest hill in town and was excited it didn't tire me out. First time I walked up that hill about 15 years ago, I remember having to stop and rest several times. I think my visits to Anytime Fitness in Idaho the last few months helped.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 10-24-2019

SE... thanks for the idea to use Hotlogic Mini as a personal heater ... this is making my mornings so much better... I'm warming up my hands and breakfast at the same time.

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 10-24-2019

It's great isn't it?! I used mine to pre-warm my bed at night for a little bit too. It stays warm a while even after you unplug it. Glad my tip helped!

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 10-25-2019

Cold enough this morning. I'm going to have to move into my cargo trailer at some point to use the electric heater this winter. I can move my work table in here, where it will help me as I work on van conversion. What else to say this early in the morning? I'm watching a Forest Service truck pull into the market parking lot across the street. Normal life in Happy Camp.. so glad to be back in the Klamath National Forest after 6 years living on a prairie in North Idaho.