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RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 11-10-2019

Clear and 54 this morning as I head off for my first real boondocking experience - Walmart parking lots and Loves really don't qualify Smile

Met another solo female camper via my blog who is in the area, so we may camp together for a while starting at week's end until I make up my mind about Quartzite.

It's nice to have a week off, but I bet they call me on vacation anyway. Only once in 14 years have I had an undisturbed vacation... I'll just smile and consider it job security.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-14-2019

I've been boondocking roadside the last two nights and today got a chance to talk to the landlord of the house I rented for my daughter... he said I can park in front of his barn downhill... I can walk up the steep hill just fine ... I'm in good shape for hills (so long as there aren't too many of them) I just didn't like parking on the hill next to the cabin because of the high center of gravity on my high top van.... made me panic backing out of the parking space every time. My cargo trailer is parked just downhill from the cabin in a nice wooded spot.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 11-14-2019

64 degrees with a low last night of 43 in western OR. Awesome to get van parking, TA. Some dwellers like to move a lot, I like to get a good spot and stay.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - B and C - 11-14-2019

Late today. It has been 47 degrees all day since I got up and light rain.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 11-14-2019

A nice day. The big chore of the morning was getting rid of most of the pieces of my trailer's worn out old frame. My friend cut it up into pieces that could fit inside the cargo area of my Honda Element. The worn out tires and wheel rims went to Les Schwab where I have to pay a $20.00 fee for their disposal. I was not going to struggle with taking them off the rims myself and the city waste site wanted $13.00 minimum for tire disposal without the tires being on the rims.

The rest of the trailer minus the axle was recycled for free at the City Waste collection site. I though about hauling it to a place and selling the metal but their minimum if you wanted to get paid was 200lbs of metal. Plus I would have had to drive through heavy Seattle traffic and back again if I went that far. So it made more sense time wise to just drop it into the metal recycle dumpster that was an easy few miles away.

The axle is still straight and rolls nicely so I will put a low price on it and put it on craigslist. It will be good for someone's homebuilt teardrop trailer or trash hauling trailer project. No point in tossing a functional axle into the recycling bins when it is something that could be another person's bargain priced treasure find.

Had coffee with a friend I had made early this past spring. I went to his place to buy a mini bar fridge for a friend and we got to talking about trailers, turns out he had just purchased a Casita and was in need of advice and also local resources to help him bring it up to the condition he wanted to see it in. He mentioned a couple of projects yet to be done and I recommended by partner as he has exactly the skill sets he needs for those improvements.

Well it might be nearing bedtime but now I need to get to work and cut cardstock into very tiny pieces to create more inventory for my Etsy shop.

Good morning - Cammalu - 11-15-2019

Maki there seems to be a rash of small trailers stolen lately. I read about a Casita yesterday in Tuscan I believe. The thieves cut the lock off.

I have a cargo trailer that I’m thinking might benefit from one of those removable hitches that HDR has.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-15-2019

Good morning everyone. I'm parked next to the road about 11 miles from town ... I've done roadside parking many years in rural areas. Only time I got a middle of the night knock was in the SF Bay Area when I parked near other dwellers next to a freeway onramp... that was in November 2000.

Weather report.. currently 45 with a high of 59 later today.

Was depressed last night. Talked to a friend in North Idaho and was blessed by that and her prayers.

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 11-15-2019

It was 50 this morning in AZ as the sun came up. Gorgeous day, excellent solar orientation, which means I get to cook real meals in the instant pot instead of always 101 ways of ramen Smile

Last night some sort of animals were around the van, javelinas, maybe. Made me stay up a little later than normal so I used vacation mode to sleep in! Them rubbing under the van was a bit creepy...

WeBoost and antenna arrive today, so hopefully I can test work access before the weekend to see if I have to leave this beautiful site for better reception once I return to work Monday.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 11-15-2019

I hate getting woke up by the nocturnal critters. I'm starting to sleep through the rampages of "my" rodent. My friend thinks it's a possum and I should keep it as a pet. But what if it's a rat!  Rainy day here in western OR.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-15-2019

I guess we had some rain last night too but I didn't notice it.

So far I've found two good places to park out of town alongside the road... good, meaning flat with good cell reception. Plenty of other places where there's cell reception.

No critters bothering me.... this far. Went to town this morning for food and coffee.