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Good morning - Cammalu - 11-21-2019

Will be pulling in to the Isleta casino south of Albuquerque until Monday. I’m about an hour out. Anyone in the area come say Hi!

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-22-2019

Still very early morning here.. cold... 30, but should get up to 60 later today. What's on my mind: an incoming snow storm and where to park to get through that without getting stuck in the snow. It will be somewhere in town... hope law enforcement lets me sleep. I may talk to them about it in advance. Small town; why not? Storm starts Tuesday and snow on Wednesday.

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 11-22-2019

Clear and crisp this morning in the high 30s before dawn, and at 42 now. Hoping the rain is done and the wind neck to normal. TGIF y'all ?

RE: Good morning - SheketEchad - 11-24-2019

Greetings from Quartzsite! Many thanks to abnorm and his lady for the flashlight guidance upon my tardy arrival as usual! No wind this morning!

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-24-2019

Happy to read you're in Quartzsite, SE.

I'm in front of a barn in a gulch in the Klamath Siskiyou Mountains... in a partially insulated van ... 36 degrees... storm expected next week. My daughter is moving into a cabin I rented for her here and should arrive from North Idaho next weekend. Her spouse will be my fire builder this winter... I'll still be sleeping in my van while they occupy the cabin, where I get showers. Church this morning. More insulating activities during the coming week... I'm almost to the part where I make insulated curtains on a sewing machine set up in my cargo trailer, which is blessed with electricity.

RE: Good morning - bullfrog - 11-24-2019

Hope everything goes well for you this winter! Man, do I hate being cold!

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 11-24-2019

I've been monitoring this thread, but not butted in so far. On very cold mornings, I would turn the 1-burner propane stove on for a few minutes in the van, and temps get up to 50F range quite fast. (and say hi to Dean & Buster once in while).

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 11-24-2019

It was a sunny day here. We got most of the bolts put in for securing the fiberglass trailer shell to the new frame. But 4 of them were a little too short so I will go shopping for those. Oh well I was hoping to be done with that phase today, close but no gold stars.

I just found out a next door neighbor took her own life yesterday. Somewhat surprising but she did have a lot of emotional ups and downs however I had no idea she was feeling suicidal. She was a very nice person with a great sense of humor. I will miss her as will many who knew her.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-24-2019

Qxxx - does the butane stove have all the precautions of the propane burner I have? With the propane, I'm supposed to store it outside. How? I have no outside storage to my van. Is butane the same? I guess that's the most important part. Well, I brought my one-burner induction cooktop into the van. It is electric but I have a built-in inverter and 110 plug in the van - or could use the 110 in my lithium Rockpals battery... just to heat some water in the morning. I think it might help chase away the chill... and then warm water for a sponge bath would be a welcome change. This morning I had a sponge bath that was freezing! lol... enough of that. I have to get my act together. I often regret that I don't have a trailer or RV with every convenience already in it.

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 11-24-2019

TA, I don't know about butane, HDR and others would know that. As a minimalist, I just use the Coleman single burner stove with the green canisters. Last about a week in general. For good or for bad, the canisters live under the bed, lol. I figure the little green bottles are as safe as you can ever be with combustibles, no long lines running around the van from an outside 20 gallon bottle.

When it comes to heating, I've only ever used the stove for a bit in the morning just to take the chill off. Don't know about Happy Camp, but where I live it's supposed to get down to 10F this week and snow.

EDIT: silly me, I never thought to warm some water while heating up the van in order to take a sponge bath afterwards, duh ...