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RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-05-2020

How's it going Maki? I'm glad to hear your trailer is getting nighttime protection from thieves... and how is your hand? When will you be traveling again?

Right now my thoughts are turned toward getting into the mobile home... which is anything but mobile, right? I need to empty this van.. though the bed will probably stay here for a while. Tonight I did a property drive by and saw a UHaul in the driveway. I should get the key sometime this week.

Tonight I was thinking how cool it would be to build an outdoor bathhouse for visiting vandwellers.. then thought.. why not make it so nice I'd want to use it too.. like a garden spa? Just daydreaming... though it could happen...

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-05-2020

OK I will come stay there if you make it a wood fired, hot garden tub Wink 

Of course you will have to get through all those repairs to the mobile home first. But while working on the repairs you will be longing for that hot tub and wishing it had been the first of the improvements. You will see a whole lot more of your family if you have one, maybe even in the very literal sense of seeing way too much of them. The perfect bait to catch volunteer laborers.

My wrist/arm is progressing right on schedule regarding normal healing time.  No clue when I will be done with my trailer renovation. Hopefully before spring. But no time to work on it this week, its sorting, cleaning and organizing at the workshop time.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-05-2020

I slept in the trailer last night and confirmed that the 28" width of the bed was indeed just right for my night time comfort. I did not feel at all cramped by the size of the mattress and it was plenty long as well.

But the mattress is a bit too firm for my taste. Tonight I will use my self inflating mattress or one of my thick foam camping pads on top of the bed cushions and that will hopefully make a pillow top that feels just right, not too soft, not too firm but a well supported foundation under it. I should wake up less sore with the softer pillow top addition.

I suffer from Golidlock's syndrome, no cure for it, it is a physical condition, not a psychological one. Most people who read her story don't realize she had arthritis therefore the size of spoon handles, the softness of the mattress and the size and shape of a chair had to be just right or else she was in pain.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-05-2020

Good morning everyone! 45 degrees and breezy in western OR, it has been raining buckets. I have been working on my garage ( in the van) bringing order to chaos. Thinking of adding a shelf and about 50 more bungees to keep stuff from moving.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-05-2020

You need a barrel full of bungees Smile
Then you can empty the bungees out of the barrel and fill the barrel with all that stuff to keep it from moving around.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-07-2020

(01-05-2020, 03:53 PM)maki2 Wrote:  You need a barrel full of bungees Smile....
Too funny! Van garage is done, now I want a back porch so checking into that. Good for hauling the stuff I can't seem to turn loose of, plus I can stand on it and shower (in my swimming suit). I put some finishing touches on the interior of the van and really like the way it turned out. Got the van serviced and ready to go. Had some sun breaks today, but back to 43 degrees snd rain.   -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-07-2020

Back porches work well for finding assistance in getting rid of the stuff you can't let go of.

Speaking of letting go of stuff.
Doing some downsizing and had my car loaded with some stuff headed for the Goodwill. A nearby neighbor stopped to say hi, I was standing at the back of my Honda Element finishing loading it up and as it turned out he was in real need of almost all the stuff I was letting go of. He has had a really bad time in his life lately so I was glad to be able to help out with a direct donation to a friend in need.

Sometimes the timing of letting go and acquiring what you are in need of works out perfectly.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-08-2020

I am tired of sorting and organizing my stuff so it looks clean and tidy in the workshop. Someone please come rescue me from "housework" hell. Oh well it will all be over in another day. This is all about the fire department coming to inspect the space. Happens every 2 years in a commercial building. But when it is done I won't be able to find anything as it is all put away instead of being where it normally lives.

Good morning - Cammalu - 01-08-2020

If you are tired of sorting and organizing your stuff why don’t you come over and organize and sort mine instead.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-08-2020

Good day from western OR!! It is 43 degrees and NOT raining, but it might rain later and most likely will rain tomorrow. Details details.  I am still doing glue gun projects after investing in one I have found endless uses for it, and a number of broken things that a little glue can fix.   ~crofter