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RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 01-08-2020

Hi all still in Missouri a cold 50 degrees here

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-08-2020

Big snow is coming to the Cascade Mountains, storm warnings posted.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - shadowmoss - 01-09-2020

Hey, Dean!  Hope you get back down to AZ at some point.  Sunny here.  A jacket is what shows if one is native to AZ or a dang Northerner who doesn't realize it is too cold for shorts and a t-shirt.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-10-2020

Woke up with my muscles still exhausted, not enough sleep, too much physical stress on my body with all the bending involved. Too many days of cleaning and downsizing my friend space where I share space getting ready for the every 2 years fire department inspection that happens in commercial spaces. Then after 2 nearly sleepless days the fire department does a no show and reschedules. I fell into bed at 1:00 in the afternoon and just woke up at 9:00 pm.

So it will be back at it again until the fire department reschedules. My friend is using the inspection as an incentive to downsize a lifetime plus of his things that fill what amounts to a 5 car garage. I am doing some of my own downsizing of things I no longer need now that I am getting closer to hitting the road. I do need that incentive as well so now works better than later since I am already making trips to the donation stations and recycling centers to take his unwanted items there.

It is just one of those things that has to get done sooner rather than later but as is normal got put off until later and then occurs all at once on a deadline.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-10-2020

Hello ... still vandwelling. Been sleeping in the van more than 6 months now. I found out the former owner of the property, who is still owed 5000 dollars, didn't send in her paperwork so I am still waiting for the closing paperwork.. and until I get it I cannot pay... and until I'm able to pay the seller doesn't want me to move in. So... I had to give the RV park another 150 dollars. This gives me access to their laundromat and showers until the end of the month.. or whenever I get the property.. whatever comes first. That's all I know for now. Honestly I'm weary of vandwelling right now yet I know if I continued I'd be on the edge of a breakthrough to where I'd be fully acclimated to it. I'm still hoping for a break so I can empty the van and clean it and build cabinets and a kitchen, etc... which I think would make my next episode of vandwelling much more pleasant and workable for me.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-10-2020

I will be very glad of my insulated travel trailer for a night time residence for the next few days. It is easier to keep warm with a little electric space heater than the big workshop space is.

Snow predicted for Monday.

One of these days my build will be far enough along to get my diesel cooktop/heater installed. Looking forward to trying it out.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-11-2020

Diesel cooktop heater sounds awesome and useful.

Rained all last night and rain expected every day this week. So glad I'm no longer in North Idaho where snow is expected for the next 16 days.

Today is for laundry and shower.. prep for tomorrow, church day. Today is the closing date for the land purchase but no paperwork or payment yet.. so, carrying on. More of the same. So glad I got this mostly insulated.. even though not paneled yet. Love the fairy light that change colors as they brighten my mood and make a great nightlight plugged into USB all night.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-11-2020

I did a heat bake treatment on my back and arms yesterday.
Spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening snoozing on top of my electric mattress pad that was set to high with a fleece blanket and down one on top of me. Also took a mild muscle relaxer. That did the trick, the pain of overused muscles that had gone into spasm is all cleared up now and it only took a few hours and no effort on my part was needed except lying around in bed napping for a while.

Don't you wish all physical aches and pains were so quick and easy to deal with?

Well off to the post office to send orders to foreign countries, this time Canada and Belgium plus some to the East Coast of the USA.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-12-2020

High of 67 degrees and sunny south AZ. Looking for a car wash.

@TA the secret to making your van "home" is to have comforts in there that you don't have elsewhere. I can sleep better in my van bed than anywhere else. Makes it "home" for me.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-12-2020

This morning brought a big surprise and intriguing possibility for a change in my plans for this year. I got an invitation to go to Wales for an extended visit to help a friend finish the interior on his timber frame house.

I was just thinking yesterday when someone was posting about getting their passport renewed that I did not need to bother with that as I was very unlikely to ever be able to travel to Europe for another trip because of the cost. I guess you just never know what the next day will bring, and sometimes it is a very exciting surprise.

Of course I told him that my trailer renovation had to get finished before I could put it in storage and leave which is going to take a few more months. It is so much easier to get a build done when you have a space to work in and this space will only be available for a few more months.

He does have a VW camper van Smile