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RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-12-2020

Very cool opportunity, Maki..

Crofter, my discontent with vandwelling is based in my inability, thus far, to replicate some of my needed places like a good, usable computer desk, and an art studio. Without these, the van doesn't meet my needs. A kitchen would also be nice. I have a big van but it just isn't working. I need a build that contains these 3 areas.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-12-2020

Travelaround, you can have it all, bed, desk, kitchen etc. What you need is to consult with someone who is a good space planner.  The image shows the layout in my Tiny Vintage Travel trailer, the interior of my trailer is just under 10 feet in length and just under 6 feet in width. The kitchen counter is 4 feet long, opposite it is a workspace counter also 4 feet long.  Under the 4 foot long workspace counter I have a pullout fridge and a pull out portable toilet as well as several good sized drawers. My bed is crosswise. Across the foot end of the bed I have a nearly 5 foot long desk/workbench that I can sit down at. That desk can be removed if I want to do so. That empty space next to the bed will have a portable storage chest/bench in it. That bench surface doubles as my night stand. I left it moveable so I can switch which side I want the desk to be on. The layout for a van would vary a bit but you can still fit lots of stuff in it. You just have to think it through. Even at home base I have a table across the foot of my bed, my TV/Monitor and printer sit on top of it.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-13-2020

Nice layout Maki.. I especially like the desk that covers the foot of the bed. I will be rethinking my van space.. just right now, I need to unload and clean it.. though.. really want to continue sleeping in it while I work on the mobile home projects. It may be a while until that feels like more of a home than this van.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-13-2020

Woke up to a little over an inch of snow sitting on the railing outside. But the pavement was warm enough that it was bare. Good day to focus on building a jig for making the cabinet door frames. Also doing some more organizing of the area where I have the lumber and various supplies and tools kept. Those shelves have gotten into a disorganized mess. Maybe I should have gone into the military and had better discipline drilled into my head while my personality was still more vulnerable to such influences.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-14-2020

Half inch of new snow this morning and it is cold enough now to stick. Good thing I don't need to drive anywhere today.

Woke up to a belated Christmas gift certificate from Amazon in my email from my brother. I have had a Kindle Paperwhite on my personal wish list for some time. I need to read books using tablets but the tablet I have can't be viewed while outside because of the glare off the screen. I tried putting non glare film on but it is a nuisance when trying to look at videos or photos. So I spent my Christmas money on the paperwhite and that will bring me lots of fun for years to come... reading free e-books while sitting outside. It is the new waterproof version with a built in lite for reading at night. Arrives on Thursday, which should be warm enough for safe travel on the roads to pick it up at the mail box service. I will have to register it as my standard device on my library account. Free 3 months unlimited Prime books, so I will enjoy some of the newer best sellers this winter.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-15-2020

Currently 51 degrees and sunny, high will be high 60's low about 46 degrees. Don't forget your sunscreen or scarf, it is bright out there. Very nice camping with a caravan, but the generators sure are noisey. Going to have to move farther away or wear earplugs. 

Coyotes serenaded us a couple times last night, at about 9pm and again at 4am, and I saw one coming up the draw as I came into camp. How cool is that! 

Lazy morning in camp, I will miss the morning session on hygiene while I get showered & fed.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-15-2020

Cold in the workshop space today, had my gloves on indoors. But my bunk is warm because of the heated mattress pad.

My workshop mate has come down with a cold so he is mostly staying away and spending this week on his boat that is a few blocks away. He knows how a cold virus for me rapidly turns into bronchitis. Plus of course he really does need to keep warm and get some rest. So he will be still be working on his business design stuff but on his laptop while in bed.

I did venture out on the roads today as I needed to go to the post office to do some shipping. Stopped for coffee at a place I like that is a up on the hill. By the time I got done with my coffee the snow flurries had covered the road and I had to clear the windows. But once off the hill down towards sea level the roads were wet with no snow was sticking to them.

My Kindle paperwhite arrived. For some reason I was expecting it to be nearly as large as my tablets but it is much smaller. That will take a little getting used to but it has the advantage of fitting into my coat pocket and smaller purse. I just have to flip the "page" a little more often when reading a book on it. But the middle size of text is clear enough for me to read comfortably so I am happy with it. It won't need charging as often as my tablet so that is good. A good book always beats lousy OTA TV shows with lots of commercials.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 01-16-2020

I've very much enjoyed my Kindle Paperwhite which I've had since 2012. Still works perfect and in some ways prefer it to my much newer Kindle Fire 10. Main draw is the convenient size as a book to take everywhere. Also the size is much easier to read with in bed. Easy on the eyes too. I wish I'd gotten a smaller Kindle Fire.. the 10 inch screen is just too big to use comfortably.

Crofter.. didn't realize you were caravaning now. Cool deal

Snow tonight.. inch covering everything when I put my head under the covers. I have no idea what I'll wake up to. I'm in the RV park for the local Tribe.. surely they've got some handy snowplows.. I parked next to the street rather than pulling into my RV space as my patience for being stuck is negligible.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-18-2020

My sleep cycle shifted to early to bed early to rise. But the weather outside was a deluge in the early morning.

Putting in more time on downsizing my stuff now that my workshop mate has finished his reorganizing his stuff it is way easier to get to the back corner I have my things stored. Finding some old projects I can get finished which I can then sell. Also tools, construction materials and other supplies that I will put on craigslist. I had forgotten I still had some of the things. There is more to sell down there that has good $$ value and that has been a nice bonus for doing the work I really don't like to do. Small increments of time down there, too much bending and lifting and carrying to be at it for very long. But bonus points that area stays right about 60 on hot days or cold days without having to run a heater. Gets kind of musty though since there are no windows and it is a long way to the door.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-19-2020

Thinking of Dean and Buster, it sure is cold in Missouri today!

Not nearly as bad in Seattle, I just checked and the outside temperture is 52 degrees. Unfortunately the inside temperature in the upstairs area of the workshop space is only 55 degrees. I guess that means I need to do some physical labor to stay warm...???