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RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-22-2020

Another awesome day at RTR, yes we are slaving away building community and roasting marshmallows by the fire.   -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-22-2020

(01-22-2020, 06:07 PM)crofter Wrote:  Another awesome day at RTR, yes we are slaving away building community and roasting marshmallows by the fire.   -crofter
just hope no one is having to work on a chain gang to pull out people who get stuck in sand or mud.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-24-2020

Awesome morning sunny and 54 degrees but it will warm up!  Afternoons in the 70's degrees that is. On to RTR I'm sure we are having another talk about solar sometime soon. Got my HOWA tshirt on.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - B and C - 01-25-2020

As always these days, nothing happening here.

Queen, your brain will work it out pretty soon. I love not needing glasses.

Forties in the mornings and high sixties in the afternoon. It appears this is going to be a mild winter here.

TFTD: If you always do what you alway did, you will always get what you always got.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 01-25-2020

Internet is shut down here during the day, so I'm posting good morning at night. Turns out that solar is on Sunday and Saturday we had the RTR Talent show. Some amazing talent in this group. Also a great afternoon of show and tell rigs. Some really impressive back porches and the new lite solar setups. About 70 degrees with  breeze in the afternoon, and now we have 57 degrees and a million stars in Quartzite area.  -crofter

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-26-2020

Got the majority of the items I want to sell sorted out and put onto a couple of shelves. Next step is to do a photography session, create a file folder for each item the photos and with the wording I want to put in the ad and figure out the appropriate price to ask.

It is quite a process to get a whole bunch of things ready for sale. I have been procrastinating it but at least the sorting is pretty much done now.

Weather report is one word.....Seattle

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 01-30-2020

Hello to everyone. Getting a bit chiller this week in grey Seattle. But I will be working inside on my build. Fortunately I have access to shore power so electric heat for a nice cozy work day.

So what to expect in February for weather across the country.... This posting by the weather channel might help you with deciding where to roam and stay this next month. It has all kinds of weather maps for temperatures both high and low and also where things like tornadoes are most likely to happen in Feb.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 02-03-2020

Good evening. A chilly night here, enjoying a bowl of turkey vegetable soup. It is one of those 5 weeks between social security check months. The perfect time to use up one of the two bags of leftover thanksgiving turkey leg and wing I put in the freezer. Enough tasty soup for several more meals this week and still another leg and wing in the freezer for another go around towards the end of the month. Plus two thighs that I might turn into turkey pot pies Smile

Still feeling thankful 2 months after the big T-day event Smile

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 02-05-2020

Where are all the good morning people? Come back!!

Just got internet hooked up in my not-so-mobile home.

Still sleeping in van. Nice to have a chance to clean it out a bit.

RE: Good morning - crofter - 02-05-2020

(01-30-2020, 06:21 PM)maki2 Wrote:
@ maki2 
The jet stream must have shifted south. High of 51 today in southern AZ, instead of the warm prediction of 70 plus degrees. I'm sure Seattleites have no pity for Zonies wearing jackets- finally. Hope it warms up soon. 

@TA Hello again!! Good to hear you are back online. My technical challenges currently extend to getting the hot spot on my phone to work. Can't wait to use my laptop again. Also redesign of the bucket system to include a seperator, and painting on more layers of floor sealant when the temperature is warm enough for paint and sealants to cure. RTR was awesome. Did you make it south at all? Enjoy your fixer upper (my favorite thing).   -crofter