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RE: Good morning - nature lover - 02-26-2020

Its 45 degrees and rainy in PA. Not bad for February. We have some early wildflowers up and this weekend it's supposed to be in the 60's. SPRING IS EARLY!!!; Punxsutawney Phil was right. I have included a link to Vivaldi's Spring played by Itzhak Perelman. Even if you are not into classical you might enjoy this. I close my eyes and see wildflowers blooming and water trickling down the mountain when I listen to this.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 02-26-2020

Great music, thanks. I listened to it twice.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 02-26-2020

Vivaldi's Spring the all time most popular piece of classical music for a good reason. It is pleasant to listen to.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 02-27-2020

Any more cheery music? I'm greeting the day next to a heater . . . so grateful for warmth. Soon there will be too much of it and these coats I bought will be useless. Springtime starts in less than a month. Meanwhile, there are books to read and a yard to prepare.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 02-27-2020

Sunny day in Seattle, but not all that warm, barely 50 degrees but feels warmer in the sun. I will make use of the boost in mood the sun gives me by getting some work done on my build. I can set up a power miter saw outside without it getting wet so I will finish up with the last few pieces of the base cabinets framing I need to get done. Yesterday while putting the flooring down inside the toilet cabinet I figured out what to do for guide rails for the toilet platform so I will cut those angle pieces as well. My cabinet framing is riveted aluminum angle so I also need to run the hose back outside from the air compressor for the pnuematic rivet gun. My broken left wrist has healed enough after 5 months to get back to doing two handed work. Some of the torn muscles are still tender but these task won't stress them too much. I would have finished all this stuff last fall if it had not been for that unfortunate fall on an open hand I took.

RE: Good morning - nature lover - 02-27-2020

Maki2 said it was a sunny day in Seattle. That's hard to believe. It was a sunny Day in PA but the clouds have taken over this pm. Cold for the next couple of days but then in the 60's - I hope that forecast is right. The annual snow goose migration is on and we had over 120,000 at our wildlife management area yesterday. Anybody want a goose??‍♂️

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 02-27-2020

I get goosed by the Canadians but they are not Snow Geese. I am right by a beach on Puget Sound in the middle of a city. The geese come to the beach every day. Lots of wildlife to see at or from the beach including Orca whales now and again. A couple of years ago a Gray whale went right by here on its way into the Ballard locks, but I did not personally see it, but see video link below. Plenty of Bald Eagles come every day. Once in a great while a Snowy Owl and various other owls and hawks too. Of course Great Blue Herons are around all year every day, they are the worst when they drop huge bombs on my RV and car. Plus two types of otters, sea lions and seals and all the little sea creatures that live in shells that wash up on the beach. The gulls and crows drop all kinds of shelled creatures in the parking lot to break them open.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 02-28-2020

We have a variety of creatures here in the Klamath River Valley as well Plenty of eagles. osprey and herons but no whales! That poor solitary whale must have taken a wrong turn. Hope he can refind his friends...herd... whatever. A few weeks ago there were 4 deer in my front yard and they jumped the fence and crossed the street when they saw me. Then I walked around the house and there was one more, alone. I felt so sorry for him that he was left behind. I encouraged him to go ahead and try to catch up.

Well, nearly the end of the month. Never a dull moment. I put a box with blanket in it on the back porch for one of my two outdoor cats to cuddle up in at night. Went out later and saw the neighbor's golden tom cat in there.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 03-01-2020

windy and cold today inside and out Sad

The news is also gloomy in the Seattle region with the first cases of the Corona virus having made the leap to being spread in the community by transmission other than cases by contracted people who themselves visited China and South Korea.

Fortunately I don't have an autoimmune disorder but I do have issues with severe bronchitis if I catch even the common cold virus. I sure hope they get some effective flu vaccine shots developed for it in the near future! I will be staying on my normal winter protocol of avoiding going to public gatherings, most especially one where there are lots of children.

My friend Don went shopping at Costco yesterday at the north end of Seattle, he said it was a mad house with people lined up with multiple carts of supplies. Looks like many citizens will be going into the prepper survivalist mode.

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 03-02-2020

"So far, 16,000 people have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC."
- ABC News -

Flu is always dangerous. My father died after getting the flu. So - what makes the Corona virus worse? I don't listen to network news - no TV network accessibility.