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RE: Good morning - desert_sailing - 06-07-2020

(06-07-2020, 04:41 PM)maki2 Wrote:  I am not sure that the quantity of hot water in a solar bag will be long enough to be luxuriant. But then again compared to a cold water shower or a wet wipe bath it might feel like a real luxury. It is all relevant to circumstance.
I think being able to stand up properly to bathe will be luxurious  in itself.. Big Grin

I did think about a gym membership as a supplement. I don't think I normally will be near enough  towns with the chain clubs to benefit from it. Those portable hot water showers will be a good investment considering the costs of membership..AND I can use it anytime I want... even just to wash the face and hair. Axe body spray will take care the rest?

I typically take 2 showers a day.. I hate to put a dirty body in clean sheets.. It is very unlikely I will be able to continue that. The amount of water needed would be obscene.. unless ALL i have is jugs upon jugs of water in the van. I will be practicing the shower routine soon..ordering the portable shower next week and will be trying it out as soon as it arrives to see what I can expect. I am guessing I will have to drop to maybe 4 showers a week.

None of the build so far has met my expectations and It is an adjust readjust process for me. I am definitely NOT expecting this component to be much better than my bed idea... I like learning. The ONLY part of the build so far that I am really pleased with is the ceiling and the sink/counter space.. LOL....

It is all about adjusting expectations.. Once I get that in order everything will be peachy keen. All I want is simple and efficient comfort.. is that expecting soo much??

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 06-07-2020

Solar bags are ok in the summer when it's hot and sunny, but when it's overcast and cold in the winter, then standing outside in a popup tent and taking an ice bath/shower doesn't cut it, even in AZ where the temp can be down in the 20s.

There is just no substitute for a long hot steamy shower on a cold day in the winter, especially when you haven't had a shower in a week or two, and your hair is icky and greasy. Best thing for a guy is to shave his head, and let his beard grow so he doesn't need to shave. Only adapt.

OTOH, with a composting toilet, maybe it will generate enough methane inside the enclosed van that one can use it to heat the water for a shower. If the van is too short to stand up for a shower inside, when it's freezing outside, one can squat in a little baby sized plastic swimming pool and pour warm water over one's head.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 06-07-2020

Just like if you speak where no woman can hear you, are you still wrong?

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 06-07-2020

(06-07-2020, 08:15 PM)Sofisintown Wrote:  If there is NO ONE around to smell you, do you still STINK? Dodgy 
Only yer dog knows for sure, and he/she won't tell.

.... that will be warm enough inside in so-so weather.  

Let's see, so so weather, so you can forgo showers from Oct 1 to May 1. That'll work.

I have one of those pump sprayers. It works, but the water gets darn cold darn fast. There are instant hot water flow-through heaters that cost $150-250, whatever. People hang them on the inside of the back door of the van, and pitch their popup tents next to there. For winter time use, get some little eskimo boots.

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 06-07-2020

(double post)

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 06-07-2020

Hopefully you can't be smelled by someone who is a mile away Wink

RE: Good morning - Qxxx - 06-07-2020

The eskimo boots are to wear when yer taking a shower in yer little tent outside the van for the months between Oct 1 and May 1. The point was that you need an optional plan for showering over those months. Just about anything will work in the summertime. That's easy peasy. In Quartzsite in the winter, it gets down into the low 30s every night, at least this past winter, and the daytimes were maybe in the 50s. Chilly for showering outside.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 06-08-2020

(06-07-2020, 09:06 PM)Sofisintown Wrote:  No... Not if you you are NEVER wrong! Tongue
Not a viable comparison because males have noise cancellation filters that screen out 99% of what females say.

RE: Good morning - maki2 - 06-08-2020

lets return to our normal programing now., which is saying good morning.

Occasional showers predicted for today. Hoping to take advantage of the dry times to get some stuff done.

We were going to run an errand at Lowes yesterday for some project parts. However the parking lot was jam packed with cars so we took a pass on going into the store. Have to keep reminding myself not to go shopping on a weekend, too risky for us septuagenarians.

RE: Good morning - B and C - 06-08-2020

Is the the good morning chat or good morning, this is what I am doing today?

I never knew we threw the good morning chat off the rails. Isn't that how morning chats go? It goes wherever it goes. I thought this was kinda like sitting around the morning campfire drinking coffee.