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RE: Good morning - B and C - 10-16-2018

Good morning all.

60 and rain here in SE Texas. Rain for the foreseeable future... Ug

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 10-16-2018

Hi all just got back to the house from the store. And spend money I wish I was alone

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 10-17-2018

Hi all sitting here having coffee with the dogs. Made it to Wednesday lets all have a great day.

RE: Good morning - bullfrog - 10-17-2018

Been raining on and off fairly heavy and for three days in the 50's. You would think I was in eastern Kentucky instead of southern Utah.

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 10-17-2018

Drying out in my part of Missouri just sitting here watching the day go by.

Good morning - John61CT - 10-17-2018

Picked up a big solid boat trailer off eBay for $110 today.

Bunks, accessories are shot but the important bits all look in great shape.

Re-learning to back it after decades, up a long soggy uphill road into the woods with an underpowered asian van, tons of fun!

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 10-18-2018

Haven't got use to backing up the trailer yet

Good morning - John61CT - 10-18-2018

Well there's a useful project for you, an hour a day'll have you weaving backwards through snow cones at 20mph, amaze your friends!

Good morning - Beeps and eats - 10-18-2018

You will get the hang of it, I back a 53' trailer up like a mini Cooper it just takes a little practice.

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RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 10-18-2018

good Thursday morning
nice weather, good easy day here