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RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-13-2018

29 degrees here and it looks very frosty outside.

RE: Good morning - Queen - 11-13-2018

(11-12-2018, 06:40 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote:  good Monday morning
brrrr.  my mind is on the FL Keys instead of being cold here Smile

The Keys sound heavenly right about now!

RE: Good morning - B and C - 11-13-2018

Good morning all.

Only about 40 here with a stiff breeze. Had about a 20 minute snow flurry this morning. Almost unheard of this early in the year in SE Texas.

Stay warm.

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 11-14-2018

Good day to all dwellers still with the living.  Have a great day enjoying coffee.

RE: Good morning - RoamerRV428 - 11-14-2018

Good Wed morning
since I can't get to the Keys for sunshine and nice weather, I am now praying that with the rain finally stopping here, maybe some sun will come out. I can't take NO SUN for a long time, this is getting on my last nerve Smile

RE: Good morning - B and C - 11-14-2018

Good morning. 35 and clear skies this morning finally although that means colder tonight. BRRRRR

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-14-2018

Good morning everyone! I hope you have a lovely day...
...and I hope I get a lot done.
Some days are more productive than others.

RE: Good morning - Dean and Buster - 11-14-2018

I am watching the day go by what fun

Good morning - John61CT - 11-14-2018

Winter's coming. . .

RE: Good morning - travelaround - 11-14-2018

Nooooo... not that!!!