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Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Free_to_be_me - 08-11-2018

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using the laundry mat, and one day I noticed I pulled my clothes out of the dryer and they smelt musky and gross. At that time I was trying to wash without detergents. 
I have since changed laundry mats and use Tide laundry detergent. At first I wondered if it was from someone smoking because it had a touch of that crayon smell, but I haven’t been around smokers. 
Sometimes I don’t smell it, and then it comes back.

It’s frustrating me. I’ll have perfectly clean clothes suddenly wreak. 

Has anyone been having this problem? Do you think it’s mildew? I don’t see any visual signs, but we know how moist cars are. 
What do I do?

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Lotsofpaws - 08-11-2018

Adding baking soda in the wash could help with the odor. Is it possible to hang your wash outside to dry?

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - wagoneer - 08-11-2018

Wind and sun go a long way to inhibit odors Don't freak out.

Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Moxadox - 08-11-2018

Sometimes those laundromat washers don't drain 100% and they start growing "stuff."

Try adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to each machine along with your laundry soap. That will work even if you want to go with unscented "free and clear" detergent.

The Dire Wolfess

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - MrNoodly - 08-11-2018

If you've been avoiding detergent for a while, it's going to take several washes with detergent before you get all the body oils out of the clothing.

Are my clothes getting mildew?? - John61CT - 08-11-2018

Obviously the source of any odor needs to be identified and eliminated.

But having said that, this stuff is **the bomb** for eliminating odors, and 100% safe and natural to boot.

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Minivanmotoman - 08-11-2018

If you have odours, that is bacteria breeding.
So why bacteria? Love humidity, dark areas and moisture.
You have to destroy them and plain water wash/ rinse isn't going to do it.
Heat, sun, chemical treatment and continued dry storage in one or combination.

Without knowing the specfics of your situation, high humidity area, storing moist, water leak, improper drying, etc... You have to troubleshoot the problem.

Lay them out in the sun to fully dry for an extended period and kill the bacteria is a good, fresh start.
Or long dryer cycle. Personally I avoid dryers as they rapidly deteriorate/ fade your clothes faster.

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - captndiet - 08-12-2018

About 10 years ago we had the same issue.

We had a front loading washer and after about a year our clothes started to smell.

Tried everything, vinegar, taking it apart, every trick listed on the internet.

No help.

Finally bought a top loading washing machine.

Do a search for smelly clothes & washer.

Don't know if it is the same issue.


RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Dingfelder - 08-12-2018

A lot of washing machines hold water in the bottom, for some reason, instead of just draining it out. If that water is getting mixed in with your clothes, maybe that's it?

When I lived in California, I guess because of the constant heat, I found I would get mildew on my clothes if i didn't take them out of the washer fairly soon and put them in the dryer to dry. Like, overnight would be enough to get them smelly and mildewy.

If you're in a laundromat you wouldn't be leaving clothes for any real length of time, but it could be the first thing I brought up above. Stanky clothes.

Also, if anyone washed urine-soaked diapers in the washer shortly before you did, that can leave your subsequent load stinky.

Heck, I've even discovered someone trying to give their baby stuff a free wash by throwing their horrifying diapers in with my laundry when I left the laundry room. Wow were my shirts disgusting when I came back to stick them in the dryer!

RE: Are my clothes getting mildew?? - Free_to_be_me - 08-14-2018

Woooowww thanks guys! I will certainly try these tips out, starting with good old sunlight and fresh air Smile

Wow, Dingfelder, you had some terrible experiences!!!! Sorry to hear that! People are crazy!!

Thank you everyone!