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RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - Minivanmotoman - 09-05-2018

Weight is right, this is going to be one of the two most serious issues involved here. If you don't have a friend or relative for a permanent address, there will be fewer options as the digital noose closes in.

And realize with credit and debit cards, and online databases giving instant and permanent info, online digital tracking will close off many, if not all options.

This is a serious concern, not to be argued between ourselves about what worked in the past.
In the future, is what matters, and its not looking rosy because at any moment the requirements can and will tighten.

UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - John61CT - 09-05-2018

And as that becomes more true everywhere, TPTB will implement officially sanctioned solutions.

The person in charge of voting registration at any town, in a State you'd like to Domicile in, may well have a good idea for you, does not hurt to ask.

In that case best not to say outright that you just happen to be passing through, create some sort of connection to the area, imply you want to settle down there, looking at properties maybe?

RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - Minivanmotoman - 09-06-2018

Just out of curiosity, could being inaccurate/ not updated about an address to the post office, driver's license, legal authorities document result in a charge? A felony?
Anyone know for sure beyond opinion and speculation?

RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - lenny flank - 09-06-2018

In most states it is illegal to have an incorrect address on your license. Not a felony, but a fine.

I know in Florida they require you to change your address within two weeks of moving.

UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - Snowbirds on a Shoestring - 10-04-2018

A few weeks back I posted on this thread that I'm becoming a legal Arizona resident and getting my driver's license and rig registered here. I'm in my fourth year as a full-time nomad. Well, I did it today and it was EASY PEASY!!!!!!! NO lying about addresses. I'm totally legal. It was cheap.

Here's what I did:

1. Got a Long Term Visitor Area (BLM land) permit in Quartzsite, Arizona. The permit is for 7 months (Sept-Apr). That qualifies me as an Arizona resident. $180 for 7 months. I can use any one of the LTVAs and/or wander from one to another if I want. My insurance company (Progressive) accepts my new physical address of MM 103½ Hwy 95, Quartzsite, AZ 85346. My insurance agent is Joe Burkley (801) 647-1389, who Bob Wells interviewed on YouTube. He's is a full time RVer who knows everything you need to know about RVing/insurance/legal stuff and did all the insurance work over the phone and online. All I have to do is take a picture of my LTVA Permit as proof of physical address and email it to Progressive. Insurance was very reasonable priced, too.

2. I got a mail forwarding service for a mailing address.

3. Today I went to the nearest DMV in Parker, AZ to get my driver's license ($10). plates for my 2001 Jeep ($81). No charge for the title to my Jeep! And here's the kicker: They let me keep the Michigan plate on my travel trailer. (It was a permanent plate which had cost $200 in Michigan.) The clerk told me it was legal to pull it with my Arizona licensed Jeep.

So, there it is.... Not expensive, not complicated, not scary at all. I told no lies, kept no secrets.

I hope one of the moderators will repeat this post wherever else appropriate for my fellow nomads to find easily.

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RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - RVTravel - 11-08-2018

I just did a mail forward from USPS and they detected it as a PMB, not a residential address.

RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - lenny flank - 11-08-2018

^^^ The insurance companies have these PMBs in a database too, so it's a pretty good bet they'll kick it out and not issue a policy for that "address".

Happened to me.

RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - John61CT - 11-08-2018

Keep in mind whether a given address is accepted or not is **up to each company / agency you deal with.**

No matter what a commercial service may "promise", remember **it's not up to them**.

Completely separate from DMV / Real ID, which is just a single example of one service provider - albeit yes an important one.

And just because some company / bank / insurance etc accepts it this year does **not** mean they will next year, nor that a different outfit will tomorrow.

Those who seek a **long-term universal** solution should really use a true residential S&B home address, preferably owned by a stable trusted friend or family.

If Florida works for you, check out St Brendan's Isle service in Green Cove Springs, the local government there has a court affidavit supported procedure designed for those permanently living on boats.

Also check out Escapees, have a lawyer-supported service.

None of this is to imply any problems "lying", that issue is irrelevant.

The point afaic is to make my digital footprint look as much as possible like a normal S&B dwelling wage slave citizen.

No arguing / trying to make the bureaucracy care about logic and real life, feed them the forms give everything as what they're used to, stamp stamp, here's the check, now on your way, next please!

RE: UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - Weight - 11-08-2018

Snowbirds just posted that she has a Az license and registration using her LTVA camp permit. I would think that a State ID would be legal. She isn't using a uspo or a ups box as her street address. I will grant this to your sour-grapes, she only has a street address until May 1. Az will not care if she takes a vacation out of state for 5 months. Then there is a possible chance to get another permit for the next year.

UPS Store for Address and Mail receiving... - John61CT - 11-10-2018

But AZ DMV is just one outfit.

It is very possible if she tried to sign up for say a credit card or insurance, that provider may well decline to accept that address.

I'm not saying that solution won't work for some, but it is not one that will work for everyone.