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Bullfrog is awesome! - Van Man Dave - 10-11-2018

Just a quick thanks to Bullfrog. We had the pleasure of meeting him by the marina at Lake Powell, and I must say, he is a great human being!

Thanks brother, we appreciate you very much!!

David & Nicole Heart Heart

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - QinReno - 10-11-2018

Are you saying you met Bullfrog at the Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell? I'll bet he knows the place well.

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - bullfrog - 10-11-2018

After coming for a weekend visit and staying 13 years I should! Happy to help the tribe enjoy this part of the world. Ya all come back ya hear!

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - RoamerRV428 - 10-12-2018

very cool ya'll met up Smile

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - bullfrog - 10-12-2018

It's sort of funny after doing this and watching lots of campers I can usually spot full timers. I almost scare them to death when I pull up in a government vehicle with a uniform on, but on the other hand when off duty and stop in my private car they think I just broke down and often come out wanting to help! A big smile and a howdy helps when dealing with officers. Any of the tribe gets this way PM me and I'll be happy to say hello.

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - RoamerRV428 - 10-13-2018

govt uniform and vehicle.....yeah, you are from the govt and here to help me? right? HA HA

I am sure you rattle some fur out there LOL

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - DLTooley - 10-17-2018

I was just through there, first conversation of any depth was with the Sunday staffer at the visitor’s center. The offshore marina hardware store had what I needed too.

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - QinReno - 10-17-2018

So Bullfrog didn't come and recite all the rules and regulations to you?

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - bullfrog - 10-17-2018

Shoulda, coulda, woulda I could have probably given what you needed Tooley and you could have taken a hot shower while I found it! If it was a blonde haired lady that loves dinasoars at the visitor's center she used to be my partner and that is the reason why! I understand as I don't say hello much when I travel actually pretty much a hermit and my wife is worst but your always welcome to stop by and find out how really to enjoy this place. Did you get to see some good fall colors yet?

RE: Bullfrog is awesome! - Dan 1 - 09-19-2019

Lake Powell is a very interesting looking lake. It has so many inlets, nooks and crannies. If it is not too windy it would be a canoer's paradise...I think. I have made it one of my travel goals.